The Best Video Games With Snow

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December is a month of cold, barren trees, and for some people, snow. And just like real life, video games often come with snowy and wintery levels or whole areas. Check out the best games with snow below:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Snow

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s RDR 2 comes with more snow that looked amazing and reacted more as one would expect. Snow plays a huge part in the opening hours of the game, and you will appreciate Rockstar’s snow tech right away and later in the game you will find some amazing things in the snow, from ghosts to robot.


Well this game demands patience and lots and lots of it. The game has snow in the title so im not surprising you here, In Snowrunner, you drive around in trucks and offroad vehicles, dropping things and picking things and questioning where everyone else in the world is. It also features some very realistic and very annoying snow in video game history. Be ready to get stuck in snow for 30 minutes adfter every 5 minutes of gameplay and desperately use your wench to inch very slowly out of the mud and ice and that annoying sludge. Fun!


Lost Planet

Capcom made this game which is quite strange third-person shooter and it was released on the Xbox 360. Lost Planet was a game built completely around snow. So it does not have a snow zone but is instead is one huge snow zone.


The Last of Us Part II

Last of Us had some amazing snow during its Winter chapter. However, The Last of Us Part II Electric Boogaloo enhanced the snow tech in the new game in some big ways, with better detail and how it reacts when you interact with it. It also comes with a snowball fight. And who dont like some good old snowball fight.


The Division

The Division 2 is one awesome game, I still miss the snow covered streets and back alleys of the original game’s NYC. There are not many games which have really nailed the feeling of walking around a wintery cityscape as real as The Division. If you want to just walk around in game snow there is no better then this game, not killing or shooting or doing missions or anything. Instead, It is just so calming and pleasant there.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

The  new Battlefront games look amazing and have some brilliant Hoth maps. But nothing can top the snow, cold, empty magic of Hoth from 2005’s Battlefront 2. It comes with a large snow packed map for you to battle in, it is good fun.

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