The Best Ways To Gamble Online In South Africa

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South Africa is a beautiful country full of wonderful things to see and do, not to mention some wonderfully savage wildlife to study if you’re interested. One of the activities that are most exciting for people to do while they’re in South Africa is to gamble online, of course; that’s the same everywhere in the world. Right now, the situation around online gambling in South Africa is a tricky one, but there are still plenty of ways to gamble online in the country if you’re looking to win some real cash.

If you know where to look, you can still find extremely high-quality online gambling sites for South Africans that are offering excellent rates and great payouts. For the most part, as a South African citizen – or someone who’s visiting South Africa – you won’t find native South African sites that allow you to gamble. That’s because setting up and operating an online casino within South Africa is actually illegal. However, there are lots of sites based outside of South Africa that offer the chance to play slots, poker, and other games for a chance to win real money, and they accept South African citizens as players. Here are some of the best ways you can gamble in South Africa.


Bet on sports events 

This is one way in which gambling in South Africa is completely and utterly permitted. There’s nothing stopping you from placing a wager on sporting events in South Africa; that’s one of the ways you can bet that isn’t prohibited by any national law. You don’t need to search for external sites to bet on sports. As a beginner, we’d strongly recommend that you start with a sport that’s easy to understand. You’ve probably absorbed the rules of many sports over time via cultural osmosis, so don’t begin with one you don’t fully comprehend. Football, tennis, and rugby are all excellent options, as are snooker and darts (if you count the latter two as sports and not merely games).


Give horse race betting a try 

The world of betting on horse races can feel labyrinthine and confusing, but once you take the time to sit down and research everything properly, you’ll find it’s intuitive and easy to grasp. Like sports betting, South Africa hasn’t explicitly outlawed operators from setting up horse race betting businesses within the country, so this is another totally risk-free way to get your bet on in South Africa. Just like with other sports, there’s an entire dictionary of lingo and jargon to learn before you place your first wager, so make sure you know it all before you get started, as well as knowing which kind of bet you’d actually like to place.

If you’re absolutely determined to play online casino games in South Africa, you will find that it’s a little trickier than simply betting on sporting events or horse racing. That’s thanks to the legal situation we mentioned earlier; actually setting up and operating an online casino business within South Africa is not currently legal. There could well be a challenge to that situation soon, as many South African casinos – or casinos that wish to operate within South Africa – are growing tired of the idea of excessive regulations and want to exploit the lucrative market that the country represents. However, in the meantime, it’s not legal to set up a South African online casino.

Thankfully, plenty of casino sites from outside the country accept wagers from South African residents. This is because South African ruling bodies give out licenses to these operators allowing them to pitch their content to South African players, so you’re not completely without options if you want to play casino games within South Africa. Unfortunately, that does limit you slightly; there are fewer sites that are willing to obtain the licenses required to pitch their business to South Africans, so while you certainly do have choices, your market will be far more limited than if you wanted to play casino games outside of this beautiful country.

If you’re determined to get your casino game on, then we’d strongly recommend you begin with online slots. This is the easiest form of casino game to understand. Unlike many other casino games, slots don’t take a long time to learn and aren’t difficult to understand. All you need to do is press a single button and the game will resolve itself for you, providing you either with a favorable or an unfavorable outcome. There are few better places to go if you’re a beginner, so finding a site that provides South African-friendly slot games at reasonable rates should be your first mission. It shouldn’t be too difficult to unearth a website like that; as we said, although your choices are limited, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any.

So, that’s the current state of online casino gaming within South Africa. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a much more difficult operation to work through than it would be if you were gambling within the UK, for example, or within a more friendly and relaxed country like certain parts of the United States. If you know where to look, however, you can find a country very friendly indeed to online gambling. We wish you the best in your betting endeavors!

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