The Best Witcher 3 Mods

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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt hasn’t been out for a month, but modders have already been busy creating their own additions to the newest game in the series. These mods range from weather mods, shades, and all the way down to some NSFW ones which you have to find out yourself or click here.

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SweetFX + Reshade

SweetFX replaces the dry appearance of the vanilla experience with something full of color and contrast. This combination of mods along with CineFX preset transforms The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt into an astoundingly beautiful game without impacting performance.


Over 9000 Weight Limit

Mod allows you to alter how much Geralt can carry to any value of your choosing, realistic or nearly infinite. If you’ve ever wanted to lug around a hundred pieces of armor and every crafting material in the game, this is the only way to do it.


More Horses

This mod allows you to change the appearance of Roach, Geralt’s steed. There are several options, including a popular black horse. You spend a lot of time on your horse throughout the journey, so this mod is welcomed for breathing some variety into the traveling experience.


Debug Console Enabler

With this mod you’ll be able to enter commands that have many uses, including the spawning of items, enabling of God Mode, and even teleporting around the game world. You’ll need to learn the commands, but once you do it’ll allow you to control the game world.


Noncombat Health Regen

Noncombat Health Regen mod is a way to make the game much more manageable while retaining the challenge of combat.


XP Gain Multiplier

If you’re tired of waiting to level up, then the XP Gain Multiplier is for you. With it, you gain control of how quickly you level. A minor increase may make your experience more enjoyable, while a major multiplier will allow you to hit the level cap in no time.


Cornered HUD

This mod makes a mild change to the game, pushing the mini-map and in-game UI elements to the corners of the screen. This improves the visible area on your screen, which makes a bigger difference to the presentation than you would think.


Diverse Trophies

Monster slaying is your lifestyle, and that means you need to be able to make the most of it when you’re busy chopping Griffin’s to pieces. Trophies are a great way to show off your accomplishments, all while giving you some added buffs. The Diverse Trophies mod helps make all those trophies worthwhile, increasing their values to work between a more diverse range. The best part, however, is the fact that the modder hasn’t gone overboard with the value changes, making this one of the best mods for any aspiring witchers.

Extreme Weather Conditions

The Extreme Weather Conditions mod increases the intensity of the weather, resulting in drenching rain and decreased visibility.

All Skill Slots Unlocked

This mod opens up all the skill slots so that you can diversify early and begin engaging in dynamic combat.



his graphically changing mod sets the tonality of the game to be as close as possible to what was shown at E3 2013. It relies more on the mid-ranges, suppressing some of the overdone colors throughout the game world.

Increased Creature Loot


Killing monsters doesn’t net a lot of experience unless you’re completing a contract. These kills also don’t net you a whole lot of loot either. This mod, Increased Creature Loot, looks to change at least one of those things by changing the game values to make creatures and monsters drop at least one piece of loot depending on the creature type. The mod also increases the chance of them dropping hides and natural ingredients, like Nekker Claws and Nekker hearts, instead of the generic loot drops you sometimes receive.


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