THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL Extended Cinematic Trailer Reveals Some Details

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A team that is made up of developers of the Dead Space series has already got the interest of many with their first reveal of The Callisto Protocol after their world premiere at The Game Awards 2020, and now with this new trailer, they have shown a bit more footage from the game. Extending their original cinematic trailer by only thirty seconds, big detail has been shown regarding both the gameplay and story of the game.

Check out the trailer below, at the end of the trailer you will see the fallen prisoner that we witnessed the alien attack originally, but now we see his body frenzy back into animation! There’s no uncertainty that the fallen man’s revival is brainless and due to the more detailed attack from the alien, but it for sure brings out the vibes of that bat-like creature from Dead Space that could turn human bodies into those creatures.

It will be released sometime in 2022.



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