The Callisto Protocol Gruesome Revealed At Gamescom 2022

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Callisto Protocol

At Gamescom 2022, a new gameplay trailer for The Callisto Protocol was unveiled and it is one awesome watch, showcasing the different types of enemies that you’ll go up against. Thankfully, it looks like you’ll have a bunch of nifty weapons and devices to protect yourself.

The trailer also revealed one of the many gruesome deaths that you can suffer in the game.

The Callisto Protocol is a survival-horror game and spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, which director Glen Schofield co-created. Set on the titular moon of Jupiter in an advanced prison complex, the game was originally set in the PUBG expanded universe before explicit ties were cut as the project evolved. It’s the first game from Schofield’s Striking Distance Studios, and it’s scheduled to arrive on December 2 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Unlike some other horror games that concentrate on hordes of enemies, even single enemies can frighten and overpower you in The Callisto Protocol.

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