The Callisto Protocol Now Lets You Skip The Brutal Death Animations

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The Callisto Protocol

Dead Space’s spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol release and… wasn’t quite amazing as we were hoping for. But a more significant issue was that the game was released on Steam with severe stuttering issues for many users (now it is fixed, and which Glen Schofield, CEO of developer Striking Distance Studios, accused “freakin error

Performance aside, there’s also been a common theme among those on the team who’ve played it. I adored Dead Space but the sheer oppressiveness of this occasionally feels a bit much and, while I love a good grisly death animation, the protagonist here really does get torn apart in terrifying detailed, and gory fashion. You couldn’t overlook past these and some of them genuinely make you wince. It can reach a point where, as Fraser said, they start to ruin the overall experience.

A new patch has streamlined some elements of the game’s combat system and added the power to skip the death animations. The main in-game tweak is that healing is now faster. Jacob heals by jabbing his neck with a stim and the animation at release was slow enough that it was hard to heal mid-fight: which was clearly intentional, but clearly, the studio felt they’d been a tiny bit too mean.

In addition to this, weapon-switching is now quicker. So the general vibe is making fighting a tiny bit less stressful, meaning lots of players had been dying and had maybe had enough of seeing Jacob slowly filleted many ways afterward.

The patch notes don’t go into a point by point detail but read: “Look for combat improvements, performance and stability fixes, localization optimizations, and general quality of life changes. We’re listening and grateful for your feedback. More to come”. Striking Distance Studios also promises further PC-specific optimizations are “in the works”.

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