The Civilization Building Game BEFORE WE LEAVE is Now On Steam

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Before We Leave

Before We Leave is a new civilization-building game from developer Balancing Monkey Games and publisher Team17. You will build a civilization and watch it progress in the game. It’s a non-violent game, so there will be no wars, but it still looks very impressive. The game released last on the Epic Games Store and has got good scores from critics. Now, the game has released on Steam, and with the release comes new content including weather and scenarios. Weather can influence a variety of circumstances like crop growth, fatigue, and even movement speed. All of the updates will be available for players on Epic Games.

Set in a world that’s recovered from an apocalypse and ready for exploring and recivilising, Before We Leave sees players guide a group of surviving ‘Peeps’ as they chart new discoveries and lands.

Here’s a list of some of the updates:

    • The Kraken Comes: An update bringing submarines, trading ships, the Kraken guardian, and underground shelters.

    • Over & Under: An update rolling out new overlays for better experiences, new UI and UX, new languages, and more.

  • Paving the Way: A visual upgrade, new roads, new resources, new type of Warehouse, new effects, and more.

  • Biomes & Beasties: Three new island biomes, new visuals, the inclusion of animals, discoverable secrets, and more.

After watching the trailer, Before We Leave looks like a fun game that I’m going to be putting on my wishlist. It’s only $19.99, too!

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