The Complete Guide on Valorant and How to Win

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Valorant is a shooting game in this new gaming world. Where everyone was busy with Duty and Overwatch, Valorant has brought new strategies to beat their competitors. It’s a 5v5 tactical shooting game where you need accuracy, teamwork, and very keen attention. Every bullet can kill you if you are not careful enough. Yes, Valorant is new in this shooter genre, and if you don’t know how to play it, it’s understandable. 

This post is going to help you figure out how to handle a tactical shooter game like this and win against your enemies. Or find some Valorant aimbot hack to beat your opponents easily.


What is a Valorant Tactical Shooter? 

Valorant is actually a mixed result of CS: Go and Overwatch that makes it more of a competitive game. There are two small teams in Valorant with 5 members in each team, and these two teams will either work together to kill their enemies or attack each other because they are each other’s enemies. 

You can attack the other team by planting a spike (a bomb in Valorant), and when you try that, the other team will defuse or prevent you from planting the bomb. There is a timer to do all these. Until the timer runs out, your team will need to eliminate the defenders by planting the bomb or protecting it from being planted. Your opposite team will try to do the same before the timer runs out. 


Know the Basic Rules of Valorant Tactical Shooter 

The game has different characters with different sets of skills, and there is an Agent who has some unique abilities. Both teams can have one Agent in their group to fight the attackers. In Valorant, there are matches, and each match has rounded. If your team wins the first 13 rounds, you are going to win the match. 

By the starting of every round, every player in your team will get credits that you can use to purchase weapons, skills, armor, etc. The amount of credits you will get is depending on your performance. If you plant a spike or kill someone, win a round, this will get you extra credits. 


Tips to Remember While Playing Valorant

Every time you join a battle with your friends, make sure to remember these tips.

  • Your default movement speed is running in Valorant, but your footsteps make some noises. This makes it easier for your enemies to hear from you. Here you can do one thing, hold the shift key on your keyboard and walk instead of running. You should always walk instead of running unless your enemies already know that you are there. Running with a gun in your hand can make more noises, so switch it to a knife as fast as you can and walk.
  • Try not to run and shoot at the same time. You can’t shoot accurately and run at the same time. If you are running and see someone who you want to point the gun at, start walking towards them or stand and fire. It will take some days to get this technique, but you will be eventually used to it.
  • Don’t always use up all your creds. You may wish to learn the technique of saving your creds and use them only when you need them. For example, if no one in your team has a shotgun except for you, you cannot win the match. Instead, try to save the creds for later when the other players buy something great too so that you can sync with them.
  • Buy an armor to stay alive in a violent shooting game like Valorant. Buying guns is good only if you are alive. But good and protective armor will save you from lots of troubles during a match.
  • We highly recommend you to play in the practice mode before diving into a huge match with skilled players.
  • Communicate with your teammates during a play to avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings.


How to Play Valorant and Win?

You can download Valorant on your Windows computer with a 7 and above version. Ensure you have at least 4 GB ram to run the video game. However, this game is not available for Android mobiles, so don’t even try to search in the Play Store. 

You’ve got a clear idea now regarding how to play and win the Valorant game. It’s your turn to share your winning stories in the below box. Stay connected, and keep playing!

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