The Complete Story of GUILD WARS 2 is Available to Play

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Guild Wars 2

The complete story for Guild Wars 2 is now available for everyone to play. ArenaNet recently released the final chapter for Living World Season 1 in the famous MMORPG marking the first time that a player can go through the whole story from start to beginning since 2014. The final chapter is The Battle for Lion’s Arch and allows players to relieve the momentous battle against Scarlet Briar that changed Lion’s Arch forever in-game. The conclusion of the story has been reworked into an (up to) 50-person event for you to bring down the mad Sylvari, her Aetherblades, and her mechanical army.

Originally released as a special event in 2014, Episode 5 pulls together the bombastic conclusion of the Season 1 storyline into a new, up to 50-person event that puts the fate of the city of Lion’s Arch squarely in the crosshairs. With a daring attack to liberate the city from Scarlet and her mechanical army, it will be up to the players to drive her Aetherblades, clockwork machinations, and other allies to defeat.

Living World Season 1 was originally released in 2014 and after its ending was no longer playable. If you missed the episodes, that was it. Now the team has brought the five-episode storyline back to experience.

The story mission is accompanied by a new strike mission for 10 players. Your group will face off against Scarlet’s elite Assault Knights in the city streets. In addition, the Lion’s Champion weapon set, the Lion Captain’s cape, and shoulder mantles, and the Breachmaker Micro Mk5 mace are some of the new rewards in the episode.

You can play the core Guild Wars 2 game for free now by downloading it from the official site or through Steam.

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