The Consumer Tech Trends That Will Continue To Dominate 2022

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Over the last two years, we have seen a huge leap forward in consumer tech trends. It would be a mistake to describe these innovations as completely new. Many, if not all, of the trends that we have seen in the last couple of years would have happened anyway. However, it is fair to say that the events of 2020 put the pedal to the metal in terms of how quickly and how broadly these trends have been accepted. Today, we are more willing than ever to accept that a lot of our day-to-day activities will be done online. Indeed, we have seen just how much there is to gain by taking them to the digital space.

What’s more, following the massive switch to online in 2020, the average consumer is far more confident and capable when it comes to digital tech. Indeed, they are looking for the next step just as much as anyone else. With that in mind, here are some of the most impactful and important consumer tech trends that we will continue to see defining 2022 in the months ahead.


The Debate Over Crypto And NFTs Will Continue To Rage

First things first, there can be no denying that cryptocurrency has hit the mainstream. As recently as a couple of years ago, trading crypto was still seen as a niche activity. Now, almost everyone can name at least one digital currency (even if it is Bitcoin), and they can probably give you a relatively accurate description of what cryptocurrency is and how blockchain tech works. What’s more, the massive rise of NFTs is continuing with everyone from sports brands to filmmakers offering the chance to invest in them. However, it is just as important to note that the dissenting voices are just as loud, and they may be getting louder. The impact that crypto and NFTs have on the environment has been a real cause of concern for many, especially at a time when climate warnings are growing increasingly dire. The mainstreaming of crypto may be here to stay, but the naysayers are here to stay too.


Online Entertainment Keeps Getting More Accessible

There may have been some concern once things got back to normal that many of our new online hobbies may have been swapped back out for their physical equivalents. What has become apparent in recent months is that we are more than happy to do both. For example, blockbuster movies have gone back to smashing records even as we continue to stream hours of concerts. What’s more, it is easier than ever to find great entertainment wherever we are. The roll-out of 5G means that we have to worry less and less about whether we are going to be able to get enough signal to live-stream a concert on our phone. One of the most popular online recreation activities is online gambling, and online casinos offer an incredible amount of choice. Indeed, it can be difficult to pick the best online casino to play online slots which is where review sites come in. Online Casino Reviews offers everything that you need to get started, no matter whether you are looking for slots games or online poker.

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Streaming Is Getting Competitive

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a massive boom in the number of different streaming service options. It seems like every major studio has been launching its own streaming service, and that means that more and more of the big IPs have been disappearing from the big streamers. There are two questions that will be answered in the coming months. The first is how sustainable having all these different streaming services will be. Given that we are all trying to tighten our belts and make spending cuts, will people really pay for so many different streamers? The second is how the big guns will react. It was recently reported that Netflix had suffered major losses in the stock market after losing many of its subscribers. They have been making big cuts, but will this affect the others too, such as Amazon and Disney?


Digital And Physical Will Continue To Co-Exist

Over the last couple of years, there have been many stories about whether the old normal was gone for good. The rise of working from home is probably the neatest example of this, as companies pushed people to return to the office. The Great Resignation may have been prompted in part by this. But what we are seeing right now is a move towards a happy medium. It is clear that people want to return to the old normal in a lot of ways, with flights being booked and nightlife booming. But we also love the convenience of digital and the flexibility it offers. The tech that allows us the merge the two will continue to thrive.

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