The Crew Motorfest Goes Gold Ahead Of Xbox Release

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The Crew Motorfest

Get ready for the next exhilarating journey through the open world of racing! Ubisoft is gearing up to deliver another heart-pounding experience with their upcoming release. The highly anticipated title, The Crew Motorfest, has officially reached the gold status in its development phase. This significant milestone indicates that the game is all set for its launch and assures us that no more delays are on the horizon. So, for those who have been eagerly waiting, the finish line is in sight.

Picture yourself cruising along the sun-kissed landscapes of Hawaii, as The Crew Motorfest invites you to dive into its immersive arcade racing universe. The islands’ picturesque beauty is the backdrop to your high-speed adventures, and the excitement is about to unfold sooner than you might think.

Hold onto your seats as the latest installment in The Crew series is set to rev its engines and zoom onto Xbox platforms on the 14th of September. With just around a month left in the countdown, anticipation is building for the moment you can finally seize the reins and take off on the exhilarating roads of The Crew Motorfest.

Admittedly, our initial expectations weren’t soaring when we considered Motorfest alongside the likes of Forza Horizon. However, our skepticism quickly transformed into awe when we had the chance to experience the recent beta version of the game. The dedicated team at Ivory Tower, the game’s developer, has poured their efforts into refining the gameplay and polishing every detail since The Crew 2. As a result, what was once a doubt has now evolved into eager anticipation. The enhancements and innovations we witnessed in the beta have us eagerly awaiting the full game’s release.

In conclusion, Ubisoft’s commitment to delivering an exceptional racing experience shines through as The Crew Motorfest achieves its gold status. With its imminent launch, the 14th of September promises to be a date etched into the calendars of racing enthusiasts everywhere. The open roads of The Crew Motorfest are gearing up to welcome you, and the journey promises to be nothing short of electrifying.

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