The CS: GO Ranking System

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The ranking system in CS: GO is a significant part of the game. It tells the player what his current skill level is and matches him with other players from the same skill bracket.

That way, the games are very competitive as there are no players who stand out. Everyone is about the same unless there are smurfs or cheaters, but this guide will ignore those.

In total there are 18 CS: GO ranks:

CSGO Silver I (S1);

Silver 2 CSGO (S2);

Silver III (S3);

Silver IV (S4);

Silver Elite (SE);

Silver Elite Master (SEM);

Gold Nova I (GN1);

Gold Nova II (GN2);

Gold Nova III (GN3;

Gold Nova Master (GNM/GN4);

Master Guardian I (MG/MG1);

Master Guardian II (MG2);

Master Guardian Elite (MGE);

Distinguished Master Guardian CS:GO (DMG);

Legendary Eagle (LE);

Legendary Eagle Master (LEM CSGO);

Supreme Master First Class (SMFC);

Global Elite CS GO (GE);


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All ranks in CS: GO indicate what the player’s skill level is. Everyone starts from a Silver rank and strives to reach the legendary Global Elite.

The current CS: GO rank distributions looks like this:

As you can see, less than 1% of people in the world reach the Global Elite rank, while most are ranked at high Silver ranks, Gold ranks, and lower Master Guardian ranks.

This is the normal distribution, also known as Gaussian distribution.


How to Get a CS: GO Rank?

When you just start playing CS: GO, you won’t have a rank, and you’ll just run around and shoot people. It might look like a simple game, but it’s not. It’s a highly complicated and deep game.

This is our timeline that you should follow to get your first CS: GO rank:

  • Practice versus bots
  • Play online all CS: GO modes except competitive
  • Try to play with all weapons to find out which suits your style the best
  • Play only on one or two maps
  • Download the training map for CS: GO and do some practice shooting before you play
  • Get the second experience level to open up competitive play on your account
  • Complete ten competitive games and get your first CS: GO rank

After you get your first rank on CS: GO realize that this is only the beginning. You will spend hundreds and thousands of hours playing the game to get the Global Elite status that everyone wants.

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