The Difference Between Luck And Skill Based Games

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With an increase in digital entertainment, online games are becoming increasingly popular and since the COVID-19 outbreak, the sky’s the limit for online gaming. Just a quick glance at the types of games available will allow one to categorize the games into either skill-based games and luck-based games. Both the games serve different sets of gamers on the basis of their preferences. The major differences between these two broad categories of games are explained below. 


Skill Based Games and Luck Based Games

The skill-based games are the ones where the reaction and understanding of the player are tested. Skill-based games often require strategic and logical thinking and sometimes, general knowledge. As a gamer keeps on playing skill-based games, their skills keep getting sharpened. However, to keep the gamer still engaged in the game, the level of the challenges is increased. Skill-based games are extremely healthy for a good mental workout. 

Luck-based games, on the other hand, is a very relaxing games where the player does not need to think much. These games are purely played for relaxation. The outcome of the luck-based games is never in the hands of the player which makes the game very interesting. People who often win these luck-based games are considered lucky and sometimes, to test their luck they participate in popular lotteries like Punjab State Lottery


Types Of Skill Based Games 

The skill-based games can be divided into given five broad categories:


  1. Puzzle Games 

For winning puzzle games, a player has to often rely on logical thinking. The challenge of the puzzles is different from one puzzle game to another. Sometimes, difficult puzzle games like Sudoku can take minutes to be solved while other puzzle games can be solved within seconds. 


  1. Word Games

Word games are very similar to puzzle games, what makes them different from hard-core puzzle games is the fact that it involves words. In most word games, the player needs to arrange alphabet to make a word like in the game of Scrabble. 


  1. Arcade Games

This category requires quick reflex action from the player. Further, arcade games also test the aim of the player. Based on the type of arcade game, different skills can be put to test. 


  1. Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports involve creating and assembling the right players in a team to win the game. Fantasy Sports are most fun when played with friends. 


  1. Card Games 

Card games have always been classy skill-based games. The game requires strategic and logical thinking to win the game. There are a wide number of card games like Solitaire and FreeCell which can be played for relaxing while sharpening the money. 


Types of Luck Based Games

Luck-based games can be divided into three broad categories. 


  1. Card Games

Not all card games are skill-based games. Few card games like Teenpatti are considered luck-based games, however, the categories of such games are still debated. 


  1. Spin The Wheel Game

This game is highly dependent on the device and the software that the player is using. In this game, the player simply needs to press a button which spins the wheel to stop at a random number and the prize is decided on the basis of that. Spinning the Wheel Game is very similar to buying a lottery ticket from Sikkim State Lottery and then waiting to check whether you have won a prize or not. 


  1. Absolute Luck Based Games

Such games do not require any skills or knowledge. Examples of such games are coin flips and die rolls which are mostly used by the player to make a decision. These games are not very popular and are used for fun to decide about an option. 

Both skill-based and luck-based games are good in their ways. It depends upon which type of games you want to play. If you totally want to pass time while having fun, you can give luck-based games a go. However, if you want to be relaxed and think simultaneously, then skill-based games are your best bet. There are plenty of games available out there that require both skills and luck to win the game. Most of these games are available online and can be played both on smartphones and on websites. 


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