The Difference Between the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED

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Nintendo Switch OLED

We are about five years into the Nintendo Switch’s life cycle so it’s no surprise there are a few additional variants released. If you’re considering getting a Switch and wanting to join the Nintendo ecosystem, here are the key changes between their three models.


Nintendo Switch | $300

What we have here is the standard version. Nintendo combined their home console and handheld gaming systems into on new line that can switch between the two modes on the fly. The Nintendo Switch is the greatest culmination of everything Nintendo has understood since entering the industry with its modest yet bold Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It takes its controller layout from the Super Nintendo, motion controls from the Wii, and touch screen interfaces from the Nintendo DS and Wii U.

This main model has had some little improvements to things like battery life since it was first released, it is pretty not changed since 2017.

  • Supports TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode
  • 6.2″ LCD screen (720p)
  • Video Output (1080p)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet requires USB adapter
  • Included dock
  • Includes (2) Joy-Con controllers
  • HD Rumble
  • 32GB storage
  • MicroSD card slot


Nintendo Switch Lite | $200

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the portable version of the already portable Nintendo Switch. It has a little screen and the controllers cannot be removed. The D-pad is also a proper D-pad like you’d be used to on other controllers as opposed to 4 buttons in a diamond layout. It doesn’t need to be used as anything other than a D-pad so no need to make it anything else!

This is totally a handheld console. It can, however, be paired with Joy-Cons and played in tabletop mode either single or multiplayer. This will enable you to play any game that is released for the Switch—even if it relies on motion controls. Truth be told, if those are the games you’re interested in, you may be better off with a standard Switch. Games that are entirely supported in handheld are marked as such. The Switch Lite is created for those who prefer to game on the couch.

  • Supports handheld mode and tabletop mode
  • 5.5″ LCD screen (720p)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 32 GB storage
  • Micro SD card slot


Nintendo Switch OLED | $349

The new release from Nintendo has more subtle changes from the standard model than the Switch Lite does. First up, the LCD screen has been changed with a slightly larger OLED. The two next to each other are night and day. The body of the Switch OLED is also ever so little longer than the standard, though it’s enough to raise compatibility issues with some third-party accessories like grips and cases. When buying accessories, be sure to ensure they support the Switch OLED. The included dock has some new changes like the built-in Ethernet port. The standard dock needs a USB adapter if you want a wired internet connection, while the Switch OLEDs do not.

  • Supports TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode
  • 7.0″ OLED screen (720p)
  • Video output (1080p)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet port on dock
  • Includes dock
  • Includes (2) Joy-Con controllers
  • HD rumble
  • 64GB storage
  • MicroSD card slot

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