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Horizon Forbidden West

Guerilla Games has unleashed a new trailer for their upcoming game, Horizon Forbidden West, this time concentrating on the various tribes Aloy will interact with on her travels. Some of these are returning communities, like the Carja and the Oseram, who have set up settlements to tame the western reaches and found a foothold in a wild land.

One of the tribes detailed is the Utaru, a people who are living in the region known as Plainsong, a land to which they have a deep connection. Then there’s the Tenkath, a war-like tribe made up of three clans who share a fragile peace with one another.

The trailer also shows the identity of a new antagonist to the series, Regala, and reveals her band of rebels that have learned the ability to tame the wild machines that inhabit the world. It closes with a hint of a powerful, mysterious tribe that hunts for secrets at the very edge of the world.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch for the PS4 and PS5 on February 18th, 2022.

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