The Digitization of Fidget Spinners

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Parents that were worried about their children spending so much time on computers and tablets may have found peace at least. The craze for fidget spinners is taking a few hours of the kids’ free time, distracting them with a toy that doesn’t do much. However, the digital world evolves too quick and it’s already offering the kids similar options that demand their contact with the technological devices. Many factors may have attracted the little ones to the fidget spinner. It’s appealing colors and the fact that almost every kid in the neighborhood got one for themselves may be helping the mania to sustain itself. If it’s actually not possible to determine what gave it a start, some specialists are supporting it with some possible evidence about its beneficial effects. While spinning the toy endlessly, it seems that kids can actually get rid of the pressure and anxiety of the modern world, not felt by their grandparents in their childhood many decades ago.

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Not even a week had passed since the great boom of the spinners when online versions of them were released. There were the Apps, limited to Android and iOS devices, which means smartphones and tablets. However, a little time longer and there were actually browser versions, which didn’t demand installation or any fee to be played. They might run ads, which are also present in some app versions. The great discussion that is the focus of this article and what we deal with now is that the benefits are lost, with the digitization of the innocent toy. It is easy to access a website of online browser games, such as Friv and find among the Friv games many options that are obviously inspired by the craze for hand and fidget spinners.

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The kids are pulled back to their smartphones or to the computer, scrolling with their fingers to rotate the spinners rather than actually touching the toy. Also, their eyes are focused on a digital screen once again. While the first is definitely a step back for the first advantage of the toy, which gave parents a small relief, there is no consensus about the second. After all, if the simple action movement of spinning is actually the same, it might still incur in the same beneficial effects on attention and on anxiety levels.

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In regard to the possible advantages to the digitization of the fidget spinner craze, the online games offer a much wider variety of puzzles. Instead of buying a few models, the kid unlocks new hand spinners for free in the virtual world, as they reach a certain amount of points. The score actually gives them something tangible – for a change – to compete with their friends. The possibility of reaching impossible speed for real hands should actually mean something too, for the kids’ joy. The conclusion tends to lead not towards a standoff, but to the persecution of a balance. The toy seems to be more suitable for relaxation, as it’s, for now, the only way of playing fidget spinners that are advised by specialists. When it comes to the online game version, it might be still a good option to entertain kids for a little while during the day, while their parents can encourage them to make good use of it, playing around and with friends.



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