The Easy Way Of Doing GTA Online Heists

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GTA 5 Online Heists

Things you should consider before getting into Heists, These tips will save your lives and frustration.

1. Buy Heavy Armor from Ammunition., It will restrict your running but you are not participating in Track and Field.

2. Buy a bulletproof hat from Ammunition.

3. Keep yourself loaded with body armor at all times.

4. Buy Kuruma.

5. Open inventory and put body armor option ready to hit whenever needed. It will save your life in the fast-paced car chases.

6. Take your time, Don’t rush — most heists are not timed. Do not try or compete for precious metal awards at the end of setups or it will turn from teamwork to who got the biggest… gun.

7. Last but most important, Create a party invite for everyone. Communication is the key.

The Fleeca Job

The Fleeca Job is the first heist that players will take on in GTA Online. It is a job for two players and initially serves as the tutorial for the heist missions.

There are two setup missions for this heist. To successfully infiltrate the bank and retrieve the safety deposit box, players must first case the building and find a way to infiltrate its security. Next, their getaway will require a vehicle that is both fast and capable of withstanding a serious amount of damage, so the team needs to steal an armored Kuruma rally car from a local gang. After the bank has been cased and the getaway car acquired, one member of the team must hack the security network then drill into the safety deposit box while the other guards the hostages and drives the getaway car. The Setup

How to do The Fleece Job: SCOPE OUT

For the first setup mission, both players get in Lester’s car and drive to the Fleece branch on the Coastal Highway. Once there, Lester will remotely hack into their security feed. After the initial reconnaissance is complete, one player will drive the crew back to Lester’s warehouse in the Garment District while the other practices using Lester’s hacking software.

Whoever uses the hacking program in this mission should also serve as the Driller in the finale.

Once they arrive at Lester’s warehouse, change vehicles and pick up Lester’s assistant, Paige. Drive the SUV back to the starting apartment without alerting the authorities to complete this portion of the setup.

How to do The Fleece Job: KURUMA

To make a clean getaway, your crew of two will need an armored car with serious horsepower. Head to the top level of a parking garage in W Vinewood to procure one off a group of local gang members.

There are two options when entering the parking garage – the team can approach the roof from the North ramp and immediately engage the gang, or they can approach from the south side and set up an ambush. Either way, once the gang members have been taken out, get into the Kuruma and high-tail it back to Lester’s warehouse.

An easier way to do it: Use your own Kuruma’s to storm the car park.

How to do The Fleece Job: The Score

After the bank has been cased and the Kuruma acquired, meet at the Leader’s apartment to begin the actual heist.

The player who operated the hacking software in the Scope Out setup mission should take on the role of Driller – they’ll need to break into the bank’s network while the other player is driving them to their destination.

After completing the hack and arriving at the bank, both players should head inside. The Driller will proceed to the vault and begin the minigame to break into the safe deposit box while the Driver remains in the bank lobby guarding the customers and employees.

Once the deposit box has been secured, return to the Kuruma and speed down the freeway towards the Zancudo bridge. The cops will give chase, but barring a catastrophic crash they shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle. Once the crew reaches the bridge, drive underneath the magnet mounted on the Cargobob to escape and complete the heist.


The Prison Break

How to do The Prison Break: set-up 1 – Plane

The Plane set-up job is the first one on the board. One player will be the pilot and the other three will be the ground team.

This section’s straightforward. The three members of the ground team need to stay together, so be sure to ride in the same car. Everyone then needs to drive to Mckenzie airfield. You’re going to get attacked by many cars brimming with bad men, so be ready for action.

Once you’ve arrived, kill everyone and locate the plane. You’re best using either a Special Carbine or the Bullpup for this. The plane’s in a hangar at the top of the runway. Once the pilot has the aircraft, the ground team needs to clear any cars from the landing strip in preparation for take-off.

The pilot then flies the plane to the airport on the south side of the map. You won’t get attacked again, so this is just a case of flying to the yellow dot and putting the plane on the ground. Once you’re in the position you get paid.

You’ll be sent back into the open game. There’ll be an invite on your phone to continue the heist. Just hit it and you’ll be taken to your apartment.

An easier way to do it: Use your own Kuruma’s to storm the enemies.

How to do The Prison Break set-up 2: Bus

There are no teams in this set-up. Follow the GPS to the bus. When you find it just get out of the car, shoot the driver, steal the bus and lose the cops. The first part of this involves taking down the bus’s escort chopper. A homing rocket will make short work of it.

Then you need to lose the cops. The bus drives like, well, a bus, meaning it’s slow. Go off-road. The best method is to get away from any blacktop and sit in the middle of a field. Hardly glamorous, but it’ll work.

Once you’ve lost the cops, you’ll need to take the bus to a drop-off. Don’t go anywhere near police cruisers. If they see you you’ll get a single star rating and have to sit in the field again.

How to do The Prison Break set-up 3: Station

This is a tough job involving two teams, one called Cop Station and one called Cargo Ship.

The Cop Station team, dressed in police uniforms, needs to grab a police cruiser to steal some files from the local constabulary. An easy way to do this is by calling the police on your phone. When they arrive, just pull the cops out of the car, kill them, get in and drive away. You’ll then need to get rid of your wanted rating. Go to the mountains you will get rid of the cops easier there.

It’s worth noting that you’ll have all your weapons taken away from you apart from a nightstick and a gun.

Now go to the police station, park on the yellow marker, and walk inside. Don’t get your guns out, don’t run, and don’t attack anyone. Just get out of the car and walk up the steps. One of you will walk into the back of the station and steal the police bus schedule. Once you have it, just walk back outside, get into the cruiser and drive away. If it all goes well, no one should pay any attention to you.

Now you have to take the police cruiser to an underpass. Set it on fire with petrol, as instructed. You then have to take the schedule back to the planning room. When the Cargo Ship team completes their tasks the job will end.

While the Cop Station team’s grabbing the documents, the Cargo Ship team members need to steal a car from a ship. After killing the guards on board, they have to shoot open a container to reveal the car before driving it away. We’ll get you images and better details on this team’s objectives from the next playthrough. Just jump from the crane kill the people who are on top of the containers and take the car, no need to do the genocide.

How to do The Prison Break set-up 4: Wet Work

You’ll need to kill some lawyers in this set-up. It shouldn’t take you too long.

There are two teams in Wet Work, one named City Hall and one named Mansion. The City Hall team members follow the marker to a ladder and make their way to a rooftop vantage point.

Now you have to shoot the two lawyers after they drive up to the City Hall steps. You must time this. One guy’s carrying a briefcase and the other isn’t, so take one each and snipe them both simultaneously.

Now you need to get the briefcase. Loads of cops converge on the steps after the lawyers die. You have to charge through, the passenger has to run out of the car, grab the case and get back in as quickly as possible. You’re best using a fast vehicle for this. A sports car, such as a Zentorno, will work well.

After that, it’s just a case of losing the cops and delivering the papers to the planning room.

An easier way to do it: Use your own Kuruma’s to evade the police, easier way to hide. The mountains.

Meanwhile, the Mansion team members go to a building and use stealth to take out the guards inside. If they get made, the target will escape and need to be hunted down and shot. We’ll get better details and images from the Mansion team section from the next playthrough.

Once all the lawyers are dead and the papers are back at the heist planning room, you’re all set. Now for the Finale.

How to do The Prison Break: Finale

If you’ve been hosting The Prison Break’s four set-up jobs, you won’t have been receiving any money for their completion. Also, you fronted the cash to get the whole thing started, so just remember you need to get paid. The default set-up for the final pay-out is 55% for the host and 15% for the others, but things seem fairer if you bump it up to 20% for the rest of the crew. What goes around comes round, hein?

There are four separate roles in this finale, one for each player. They are Prisoner; Prison Officer; Pilot; and Demolition. Demolition is the key player, Choose him wisely.

The Prisoner and the Prison Officer leave together to fetch the bus you stole in the set-up, while the Pilot and Demolition split up. As the Prisoner and Prison Officer approach the prison in the bus, the Pilot takes off in a prop plane and Demolition steals a Buzzard attack chopper.

The Prisoner and Prison Officer enter the prison by just driving up to the door. You move inside once the gates open, park, and get out. You then need to make your way to Rashkovsky. Both times we attempted this a guard made us and opened fire, and we’re unsure as to why as yet. No matter. Once the alarms go off, NOOSE agents (anti-terrorist types) swarm the central prison courtyard. You need to drop them and find Rashkovsky, who then starts to follow you.

Push forwards through the courtyard and kill everything. Rashkovsky will only move forwards when the area in front of him is clear of NOOSE agents. If you’re the Prisoner, you’re going to be lacking guns. Pick up SMGs from the dead security guys to make things easier. You’re going to be doing a bunch of killing here.

While the Prisoner and Prison Officer are fighting their way out, the Pilot is in the air waiting to pick them up. Military jets will constantly arrive and try to take the plane down. It’s the Demolition’s job to destroy the jets with the Buzzard.

Eventually, the Prisoner and Prison Officer will arrive at the prison gate with Rashkovsky. You need to get into an armored car (we found one handily placed on the approach to the gate) and Rashkovsky will get into the back and close the door. Charge out of the jail and make a break for the designated airfield.

At this point, Demolition needs to switch his attention to defending the Prisoner, the Prison Officer, and Rashkovsky, who attract a lot of attention from police choppers and heavy security vehicles thanks a five-star wanted to rate. The Pilot lands at the airfield and waits for the others to arrive.

When they arrive at the airfield, the Prisoner, Prison Officer, and Rashkovsky need to get into the prop plane so the pilot can take off. There’s going to be a lot of heat, so instead of standing around shooting just get into the plane as fast as possible and get into the air. Demolition stays in the Buzzard and starts picking off police choppers as they worry the plane. The Pilot then needs to lose the cops.

Once the pilots evaded the police, they’ll fly to a marker and everyone will automatically jump out over a beach for the Demolition to pick them up in the Buzzard. Parachute down, but be careful you don’t get sliced up by the chopper blades! After all that, the last thing you want is a daft accident right at the end. Once everyone’s in, Demolition flies back towards the city, the cutscene rolls and you’ll get the payout details.

An easier way to do it: Pilot, Keep doing circles in your plane — jet planes won’t get a lock on you. Demolition plane is safe, go to the jail and cover your ground crew — don’t get too close to the prison or you will shot down, find your safe distance. as soon as the ground crew leaves the prison start shooting down police helicopters and the pilot needs to land the plane close to the hanger facing the runway. Now, you all need to hurry to board the plane and head to mexico. ok, to the beach.



The Humane Labs Raid

Lester has a contact that needs some highly sensitive –and classified – data stolen from the Humane Labs complex in the San Chinaski Mountains. The crew will have to obtain entry key cards, an armored vehicle, an EMP emitter as well as a heavily-armed attack helicopter to complete the heist.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid: The Setup

To successfully break into humane labs, five setup missions need to be completed before the finale. Note that missions 01 and 02 unlock simultaneously and can be played in any order, as do missions 04 and 05.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid KEY CARDS

To even get through the front door, you’re going to need access cards. Meet up with an Agency member (who you may recongnize from another GTA title) to get the keycards.

The FIB will show up right after the handoff, so your crew will need to dispose of their agents and make a quick getaway.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid: INSURGENTS

You’ll also need a heavily-armored vehicle to transport the EMP into Humane’s complex. Pick it up from a mercenary outfit based out of the rock quarry in Blaine County. You only need one, but grab two just in case –  there’s a nice .50 caliber machine gun mounted to the roof of one.

After eliminating the guards and stealing the trucks, expect a dogged pursuit by vehicles and helicopters as you make your way back to the Sandy Shores airfield.

An easier way to do it: One player can be in kuruma and give cover to insurgents. Stay at the quarry and finish off with the choppers first. You will have fewer things to worry about on the way.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid EMP

Once you’ve completed the first two setup missions you can then move onto the EMP setup. You will need to steal a Hydra jet (which has the EMP stored inside) and then bring it to Sandy Shores Airfield.

Go to the dingy and then drive to the military aircraft carrier. Enter via the south enterance and take down all guards you encounter. Make your way to the top of the carrier and steal the Hydra jet. For the players who do not get into the Hydra, there are also three other jets on the deck. Takedown all pursuing jets and then make your way to Sandy Shores Airfield for a successful setup mission.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid: VALKYRIE

Now you must steal a Valkyria from the docks (South docks). When you reach the docks you will be met by a range of snipers, air support, and normal fighters. Be prepared! Once you’ve made your way through the hange, killing all the enemies, take the Valkyrie and prepare for an air battle!

The Valkyrie has three weapons, two miniguns on the side for passengers, and an anti-aircraft gun on the front for the co-pilot. When you take off you have to take down several other enemy helicopters coming towards you. Take advantage of the anti-aircraft gun to take down the helicopters fast, or jump out and use homing lauchers. Once you’ve destroyed all the helicopters, fly to the meeting point to recieve your payout.

An easier way to do it: Everyone gets in your Kuruma’s get in the hangar you don’t have to kill everyone outside. Stay in the hangar kill everyone — one person can then go out of the hangar shoot down the Buzzard get in the kuruma clear the enemies near the Valkyrie. The co-pilot should be a seasoned marksman to kill all the Buzzards. Hover just outside the hangar stat stationery — Do not hurry and do not outrun. The pilot should help the co-pilot shoot down Buzzards. Communication is the key when you doing Heists. To create a party session and everyone should join in.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid: DELIVER EMP

After you’ve completed getting the EMP from the Hydra, you must get it into the Humane Labs. Make sure you’re at a party with each member, communication is vital!

Start by driving to Humane Labs in the Insurgent and parking it outside. Now run up the right side so that you activate the enemy car. Let it drive through the facility unharmed. Once it’s clear, take out the guard on the entrance. Afterward, take the patrol guard down. Make your way up the main road, killing the lookout. Once the lookout guard is dead move up until you see 2 soldiers and 2 scientists. Either try taking the scientists first then guards or get each team member to take down an enemy each. After the enemies are dead keep moving up the main road, kill the engineer fixing the panel, and then kill the 2 scientists walking down the road. Kill the last 2 enemies at the end of the road. Now get 1 person to run back to the Insurgent and get him to bring it into the lab. Hack the control panel to get into the garage. Once the Insurgent is stored in the garage, take the Humane Lab’s van out of the facility. Make sure not to attract the attention of the convey driving to the lab.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid: Finale

There are two teams in this finale, the Ground Crew and the Chopper Crew. The Ground crew goes into the lab and steals the documents, while the Chopper Crew flies around outside in the Valkyrie and picks the Ground Crew members when they leave the lab.

Valkyrie is situated about five miles away from Downtown, next to the Alamo Sea, and you can’t call in a chopper to get there quickly.

Once you’ve picked the chopper up, fly to the Drop Zone. You’re just aiming to fly over the yellow dot, not actually land. When the pilot has the chopper in position, the EMP will detonate and knock out all the power in the compound below. The Ground Team now exits the chopper and parachutes down. When you land on the ground you’ll automatically switch over to night vision.

Blow the doors leading into the lab. Sticky bombs work fine. Then it’s just a case of moving through the building, following the yellow markers, and killing opponents. Use either an assault rifle or an assault shotgun for this. Fight through the compound until you reach a double-locked door. Each Ground Team member needs to position themselves next to a lock and they have to press the button at the same time. You have to be using voice for this, so good luck if you’re playing with randoms.

Move into the room and collect the data. Then run out, kill anything in your way and you’ll reach an entrance to the sea. Equip your oxygen by pressing left on the d-pad and jump in. Swim through the tunnels and get onto the surface when you get out into open water. Don’t worry too much about not being able to breathe. Just tap the swim button to go faster and you’ll easily make it.

Swim to the marker on the beach. Once you’re on the sand, you’ll need to fire a flare into the air to show the Valkyrie where to land. This is a tight landing, so be sure to get out of the pilot’s way. You don’t want to get squashed.

Once you’re in the air, each of three players not piloting will need to take down a team of Buzzards. The best tactic for this is for the pilot to keep the enemies in front of the chopper, allowing all three of the Valkyrie’s weapons to get a shot on target.

An easier way to do it: Land the helicopter on the nearest mountain, Forget the enemies which are on the grounds of The Humane Lab. All the buzzards will come to the helicopter — The Helicopter crew take out your mini-guns and aim for the pilots to destroy the Buzzards. Easy peazy. Pick up the ground crew when they come out to the beach. If beach landing is challenging for the pilot tell the ground crew to climb up the mountain there is a nice flat space just above it, where the pilot can easily land and then kill off some more Buzzards. Again, the Co-pilot should be a master marksman.



Series-A Funding

How to do the Series-A Funding: Coke

This is a tricky start to the heist. The objective here is to steal packages of coke from frat boys on a yacht. You’ll be split into two groups, the Boat Team, and the Helicopter Team.

The Boat Team, unsurprisingly, goes to the boat while the Helicopter Team goes to the chopper.

The Boat Team goes to the stern of the yacht, jumps into the water, and enters the lower deck. You’re going to be shooting loads of dudes at close quarters, so consider the assault shotgun. Go into the engine room, kill everyone and pick up the packages of coke.

The Chopper Team is best off landing on the pier instead of actually landing on the yacht. It’s a tight landing on the yacht’s helipad, and it’s easy to end up with an exploding helicopter and a failed notice. Land on the pier and snipe across instead. Police choppers will arrive after the shooting starts. Take them out with rockets and combat MGs.

You’ll have to give the Boat Team some time. The yacht’s interior is confusing, and it isn’t obvious how to get from the lower sections at the back of the yacht to the other packages of coke at the front. The job’s designed for the Helicopter Team to collect the other packages after landing on the yacht. Once the Boat teams found the stairs to the front of the vessel, killed everyone, and collected the drugs, they should get off the ship, pick up either the boat they arrived on or jet skis, and race back to the beach.

How to do the Series-A Funding; Trash Truck

This can be seriously troublesome if you don’t know what you’re doing, as two of the players in this set-up are constantly exposed to fire. Read our advice carefully and you’ll succeed.

Trash Truck aims to steal bin-bags full of molly pills from Vago’s drop-offs. There are two teams on this job, Operators, and Collectors. You’ll also be up against a ten-minute timer which kicks in when you arrive at the first drop.

First off, go to South LS Recycling, kill the dudes and steal the trash truck. The Operators drive and the Collectors stand on the back.

You now go to the first pick-up on Forum Drive. These just to show you what to do, so you won’t be attacked by the Vagos. The Collectors jump off the back of the truck after it’s stopped on the marker, run to get the bin-bags and throw them into the back of the lorry.

Then go to Capital Boulevard. This time, you’re going to be attacked by the Vagos when the Collectors bring the first bags back to the truck. The trick to succeeding quickly on this job is to get the bags in the truck and just leave. Don’t worry too much about killing the AI. Note that there are three bags this time, so make sure you get them all. Watch the bag marker in the bottom right of the screen.

You’ll then drive to Vespucci Boulevard. There’s a simple trick to beating this stop. Once you’ve parked the truck on the yellow marker and triggered the event, drive it to the other side of the street and reverse it into the alleyway near the bags. All the Collectors should have to do is hop off, throw the bags in and get back on. The Operators shouldn’t even have to leave the truck. Forget about killing the AI. Get the bags in the truck and leave.

The final collection is at a gas station on Supply Street. It’s on an intersection and you’re going to be attacked from all sides. It’s worth one Operator getting out of the truck and taking cover behind one of the gas station’s walls, as you’re going to get tons of Vagos turning up in cars. Again, back the truck into the gas station so the rear of the truck is close to the bags. As soon as the bags are in the truck, leave.

On the way back to the warehouse you’re going to be attacked by more dudes in cars. Make sure you’ve topped up on armor and just keep shooting. The timer vanishes when you get near the warehouse and the Vagos will end their attack. Drive down the dirt track to the yellow dot and you’ll complete the job.

An easier way to do it: Take your time, get in cover and stock up with body armor, and don’t be a scrooge when the time comes to use them. This is the one which people fail so much.

How to do the Series-A Funding: Bikers

This one should probably be harder than it actually is. Bikers is a stealth mission, but the targets are nowhere near as sensitive as they are in Deliver EMP from The Humane Labs Raid.

The objective here is to creep into a Lost camp, kill everyone, steal two vans full of meds and deliver them to Ron. There are no teams on this job.

First, go to Trevor’s trailer. He’s supplied a bunch of silenced weapons for you, should you need them. Grab whatever you want.

Now you need to go to a dinghy. It’s only a few hundred yards from the trailer. Get in and sail to the Lost camp.

When you arrive, approach the camp and take out the guards with either melee kills or silenced weapons. A silenced assault shotgun works well for this. If you spook anyone the mission will end, so keep talking to each other and watch the detection cones on the mini-map. And remember: click L3 to sneak so you don’t make too much noise.

Once you’ve killed everyone, you need to find the vans. You can see the location in the shot below. They’re on the north side of the camp.

Steal the vans and make a break for it. You’re going to get hammered by dudes, so, again, make sure you’re topped up on armor and just drive as quickly as possible with the passengers constantly shooting the Lost from their bikes. Drive for the Lord, should you have one. Drop the vans at the warehouse and you’ll end the job.

How to do the Series-A Funding: Weed

Weed’s objective is to go to the sawmill and steal two Benson trucks full of dope from the Ballas. There are three roles on this job: Ground Team, Lookout West, and Lookout East.

Drive to the sawmill and get into position.

Snipe the Ballas until you’re happy you’re clear enough to proceed. More dudes are going to spawn, but don’t worry too much about killing every dot. Just use long-shots from your original position, then move in carefully and grab the vehicle. Be warned: some Ballas are hiding in the pipes on the approach to the sawmill. They’re hard to hit as they don’t stand up. Just keep plugging away at them and they’ll eventually die.

The Ground Team takes a truck each and the Lookouts grab the Technical, an armored jeep with a mounted gun. Everyone should top up on armor. The Technical leads out, killing the Ballas and clearing roadblocks. Stick together!

It’s a long, difficult drive back to the warehouse, and whoever’s using the mounted gun on the Technical is going to have to be efficient. Be careful when you come out of the first tunnel after the sawmill, especially if you’re driving one of the Bensons. If you’re going too fast you can lose the road and tip the truck down the mountain.

An easier way to do it: Truck drivers should be pros and they don’t need a backup from the tactical jeep, Bensons are heavy trucks and quite fast use them as battering rams, keep your inventory open and body armor ready to be used up. Just drive like bat out of hell.

How to do the Series-A Funding: Steal Meth

Bet you can’t guess what you have to do here. The O’Neil Brothers are cooking crystal up at their farm. You need to steal a tanker of “meth juice” and deliver it to Trevor’s cook at a gas station. There are no teams on this job.

Drive to the farm. When you arrive, you’ll be instructed to kill the meth dealers. Use your sniper rifle on the approach and clear out all the rednecks you can see.

Move up to the building and use a shotgun to shoot enemies through the windows. The rednecks aren’t so tough.

Someone should now go grab the rig while the others keep shooting, drive it around and hook it up to the trailer. Just reverse the cab onto the trailer and it should automatically attach.

A timer will start as soon as you grab the trailer. Drive the truck to the gas station before the timer runs out and you’ll get paid. The other players will need to escort the truck and clear out attacking enemies. If the truck takes too much damage it’ll explode. Watch the vehicle’s health bar in the bottom right of the screen.

An easier way to do it: Everyone should use Kurumas to clear the farm and then give back up to the truck driver to deliver the Meth.

How to do the Series A Funding: Finale

This finale is short compared to the others, and you should have no real problem completing it. Just remember: keep topping up with armor when you run out, and you must stick together on the driving section if you want to succeed.

The objective of Series A Funding is to go to the warehouse and move two trucks full of drugs. The frat boys, the Ballas, the Vagos, and the O’Niels have all been tipped off as to the whereabouts of their stolen dope. They’re coming to get it back.

There are two teams in this job, Lookout North and Lookout South.

Drive to the warehouse. Take up a position at the doors at either end. One member of each team should stand at each side of the door.

Dudes arrive in cars. Kill them using grenades and assault rifles. Once you’re done, two players will take the Benson trucks and two will get into the Technical, just as you did in the Weed job. Remember to top up your armor! The Technical, again, should lead the way.

Follow the yellow line and drive down the freeway. Each truck has a damage bar and you’re up against a timer. You’ll be attacked by choppers, the Lost and God knows what else. Just keep going and stick together. Whoever’s firing from the Technical will have no shortage of targets and really needs to clear the enemies quickly. Take the choppers out as soon as they arrive.

An easier way to do it: Again Benson drivers should drive like bat out of hell and tactical should be used to shoot down choppers and then every man for his own.



The Pacific Standard Job

How to do The Pacific Standard Job set-up 1: Vans

The object is to steal a Post Op van fitted with a transponder that can be reprogrammed to disable the Pacific Standard bank’s dye packs in the finale.

There are two teams here, the Navigators and the Drivers. You’ll need a Navigator and a Driver in each car.

First of all, you need to find the right van. Once you’re driving, the Navigators bring up their phones and use an app called Trackify to trail the vehicles. Press directions on the d-pad to direct the driver towards the red dots on your phone.

Once you have a van in sight, quit out of the Trackify app, launch your phone’s Snapmatic photo app and take a picture of the license plate.

After you’ve taken shots of all the vans, Lester checks out the license numbers and tells you which one you need to steal. Grab the van and take it back to Lester’s factory. You don’t get attacked, so this is easy beans. Onward.

An easier way to do it: No need for driver and navigator to be in the same car, Navigator can drive and track on its own and take pictures too. Drivers sit back and enjoy, this is the easiest setup of them all.

How to do The Pacific Standard Job set-up 2: Signal

Now you have the transponder, you need to take it to Avi Schwartzman, a signal expert, so he can tune in to the right frequency for the Pacific Standard dye packs. Avi’s a fugitive hiding out on an island in North Chumash. There are no teams on this job.

Go to the yellow marker and pick up some jet skis.

Then head out to sea and find the island. These first two sections are uneventful. You just cross the water and arrive at the destination. As you approach, however, slow right down. The island itself is covered in cops, and you’re also going to have to deal with a chopper. Don’t get too close.

You’re going to see a smaller island on the approach. Get off the jet skis, climb up onto the rock and do some sniping to soften things up a little. Get rid of the chopper quickly using rockets and sniper rifles.

Now assault the island and kill all the cops. You’ll encounter many enemies, but they’re relatively weak up against four of you. Head to the blue ring and pick Avi up.

Once you have the VIP, head to the marked boat. One of you is going to have to stand in the middle as there are only four seats, so whoever’s driving will have to take it easy. Once you leave the island, head directly across the sea, go under the large bridge and up the river. You’ll recognise this instantly if you’re familiar with the Boat in the Bay mission from GTA Online.

You’re on a timer, but don’t rush so much that you throw the extra player from the back of the boat. Head up the river and just power up the rapids, but be careful of the rocks. Once you reach the lake at the top, head for the yellow dot, where you’re going to be told to lose the cops. The easiest way to do this is to drive the boat out into the middle of the lake instead of trying to escape on land. Just stay in the water until the stars disappear. Once you’ve lost the wanted level, beach the boat, grab a car and Avi will follow you in.

An easier way to do it: There is the best way to do it which makes this setup the easiest. Get your kurumas out — get everyone in the boat and drive to the location I marked on the map below. Request your Kurumas and get in your cars — one person in each car or cops won’t go away. A person who got the Avi Schwartzman goes to the mountains to lose cops but you have to drive towards the tunnel to trigger the police losing sequence and it will start when you hear Lester giving you instructions.

Take your boat roughly here, One police helicopter will follow you try to shoot it down from the boat or shoot it down from the beach.

GTA V Map - Grand Theft Auto 5 Google Map

You have to drive to this tunnel to trigger the sequence where police start looking out for you.

GTA V Map - Grand Theft Auto 5 Google Map 2

How to do The Pacific Standard Job set-up 3: Hack

Now you’re going to need to “borrow” a hacking rig from a rival crew in Vinewood. There are two teams on this heist. Three players will be the Decoys and one will take the role of Transporter.

Go to the white van and get in. Two people need to get in the back. Then drive to Vinewood Boulevard.

Kill all the dudes. There are plenty of them, so be careful. You’re going to be pushing into a lot from the street, so use the entrance for cover and watch for snipers above as you turn to the right and head for a black van and the hacking gear.

The Transporter now steals the equipment and gets in the white van.

Once this has happened, the Decoys get into the black van and lead the rest of the rival crew on a wild goose chase while the Transporter safely delivers the white van. You’re going to get caned by many dudes, so don’t stop shooting.

Once everyone’s reached their respective yellow dots, the set-up’s over. You need only destroy the black van to get paid.

An easier way to do it: Get in Kurumas clear everyone and take the van. Van driver should be carefully choosen because the key to suceed is not to crash and keep the van moving at all times.

How to do The Pacific Standard Job set-up 4: Convoy

Plenty can go wrong on this set-up, so listen to each other and stick together. The object is to hijack a Merryweather convoy in Blaine county and steal the charges you need to blow the bank’s doors in the finale. There are no teams on this job.

Go to the ambush point, which is on a bridge, in separate cars. The more vehicles you have the better, as you need to block the road. You have to steal a military truck. Set up the bridge to stop the convoy, but don’t rig it with explosives: if the truck blows up, it’s game over.

The first thing you’ll see is a chopper. Snipe it before the rest of the convoy turns up and runs into your roadblock. When it does, kill everyone.

Once the Merryweather guys are dead, grab the truck and the Insurgent. Two players should go in each vehicle, with the Insurgent leading the way. Just shoot everything and keep moving.

When you get close to the drop-off, you’ll see a message telling you to escape Merryweather. Kill any remaining dudes.

That’s it. Just deliver the truck to the yellow dot. You’ll get a bonus reward for completing this set-up, as it unlocks the Savage chopper for purchase.

An easier way to do it: Just take your time and kill the choppers first rest is just ramming. Insurgent gunner should be seasoned to shoot down quickly. Aim for the engines cars blew up quickly.

How to do The Pacific Standard Job set-up 5: Bikes

You’re nearly done. All you have to do before the robbery itself is steal some sports bikes from the Lost and leave them near the bank. There’s a trick to making this set-up infinitely easier, so be sure to read our advice carefully. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain. There are no teams on this job.

Go to the Lost clubhouse. Kill everyone, but don’t use explosives as they may destroy the bikes.

The vehicles you’re looking for are sports bikes called Lectros, not the Lost’s usual choppers. You’ll see one of the far right of the row in the image below.

Now for the tricky bit. You have to take the bikes to a drop-off near the bank, but the Lost will have set up roadblocks. As all four of you are on bikes, the chances of someone crashing or getting shot are high, but there’s a neat trick to avoiding the worst of the enemies.

When you leave the clubhouse area, don’t turn right, even though the yellow line on the map tells you to do so. Go straight on, and then turn right. You’ll avoid all the roadblocks this way. Then just follow the line to the yellow dot, which is hidden behind a building off the street. And that’s that. Now for the biggie.

An easier way to do it: Get in Kurumas clear everyone and take the bikes, It is a fairly easy setup if you know how to ride a bike. Go straight from the hideout and then turn right and follow the yellow line from there.

How to do the The Pacific Standard Job: Finale

The Pacific Standard Job is a classic bank robbery with a hellish getaway, but the reward is substantial. If you max it out, you’ll be splitting $1.25 million.

There are three teams in this finale: Hacker, Demolition and Crowd Control.

Go to the bank. Everyone get in the same car. Don’t get a wanted rating on the way to the bank or the job will end. Once you arrive, walk up to the door.

You’ll see a cutscene when you walk inside. When instructed, the two members of the Crowd Control team need to kill the guards and intimidate the members of the public inside the bank. Just aim your weapons at people and shoot close to them, but don’t kill any of the blue dots. Watch the yellow bar in the bottom right of the screen to make sure they stay intimidated. If they don’t, someone will trip the alarm.

While the Crowd Control team is keeping everyone quiet, Hacker and Demolition move towards the vault. Demolition will place a thermite charge on the door at the back of the bank’s lobby.

Once the first door is opened, Demolition will place another thermite charge on a second door at the top of a flight of stairs. Once this is open, one member of the crowd control team needs to move into the backroom to intimidate the tellers and watch for security guards coming down the stairs. Kill them quickly when they appear.

Hacker now goes to a terminal on the wall outside the vault and opens the door. There’s another titanium gate that needs to be burned with thermite by Demolition. Once that’s done, walk into the vault. The alarm will sound as soon as Hacker and Demolition start grabbing the cash from two tables inside.

That was the easy bit. Once Hacker and Demolition have taken all the money, the whole team regroups next to the door. The world’s entire police force is going to be waiting for you on the other side, so get ready. When instructed, open the doors and hit the cops with everything you have. If you’re packing a minigun, so much the better. Waste the vehicles with rockets. Be warned: you can’t hide inside the bank for too long. You’ll get a failed notice if you don’t leave the building.

Once you’ve killed enough cops, run across the street and start fighting your way down a series of alleyways to get to the bikes. Be careful with rockets, as exploding cars can easily take out team members here.

Keep moving and talking until you reach the bikes, which are all exactly where you left them at the back of the building.

Now stop. There are several ways of doing this next section, in which you’ll need to drive for nearly three miles with a five-star wanted rating. First, you should see two shootable crates against the wall next to the bikes. They contain body armour, so kit-up if you need to.

Second, you need to decide whether you’re going to do as you’re told and use the bikes to escape, or if you’re going to take a car. The bikes are fast, but you’re vulnerable to fire (of which there will be a lot) and a heavy crash will probably mean death. Taking a car means you’re all together, but whoever’s driving needs to be a ninja behind the wheel. If you’re going to take a car, one player needs to check on the street to see if one’s spawned nearby before everyone jumps on the bikes and starts the timer. If it has, you should probably take it.

Now head out to canyon. You’re going to be skirting endless roadblocks and heavy police vehicles. This is a tough section, so expect to die. A lot. You’ll find this easier if you have a fast car, but even then success isn’t guaranteed.

Keep going until you reach a point where you’re instructed to parachute off a cliff.

The boat you’re trying to reach is at the bottom. Again, there are several ways to get down here. You can actually drive off, assuming the driver knows what they’re doing. This has the advantage of keeping the team together.

If you decide to parachute down, go forwards and then swing round to the right and follow the river. You may not be able to get to the boat completely and have to swim the last few yards. Hurry. Remember you’re on the clock.

Now get into the dinghy and drive out to sea to the yellow marker and drive into the sunset.

Easier way to do it: Use heavy armor and bulletproof hats. One person can pick all the cash and the rest of the team have to save him so you lose the least amount of money. Key to successful heist? Move fast and learn how to ride.


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