The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be Set In Hammerfell and Coming Out in 2025; Remasters Are in the Works

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Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls VI will be based in Hammerfell, and it will come with mechanics like a political system and there will be a lot more.

On their Twitter profile, SKULLZI, who has demonstrated to be reliable in the past when it comes to Bethesda leaks, shared a report coming from an anonymous but credible source about The Elder Scrolls VI and some other games in the works at the publisher.

Betrayals, marriage, and factions will also play some role in the game, which is going to be released in 2025, 2026. Interestingly enough, the game will also not feature dragons.

The report also goes over other The Elder Scrolls projects. Series remasters, as well as Fallout series remasters are also in the works by inXile Entertainment, as well as a possible 4X strategy game.

After SKULLZI shared their report, reliable insider, Shpeshal Nick, proved that the report aligns almost entirely with what he knows, with the exception of the absence of dragons in The Elder Scrolls VI.

While both SKULLZI and Shpeshal Nick have been confirmed to be reliable in the past, we have to take all the new TESVI details with a grain of salt. The game is still in the early stages of development.

The Elder Scrolls VI will release on a yet to be confirmed release date. We will keep you updated on the game as we get more news about the project.

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