The Feral Predator From Prey Now In Figure Form

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Feral Predator From Prey

NECA has a long history of producing action figures based on the iconic Predator franchise, and the Feral Predator is their latest addition. The Yautja alien creature featured in the movie Prey, which was released last summer, is known for his rougher and more primal approach compared to the high-tech gadgets that other Predators often employ.

Unlike his counterparts, the Feral Predator prefers to use blades, bludgeons, and a spear gun, all of which come included with the figure. He also has a cloaking device that doesn’t require much armor, which gives him a more streamlined appearance. The figure also includes three sets of interchangeable mandibles to create different facial expressions, and the skull mask is removable to reveal his face.

Feral Predator From Prey

Additionally, the Feral Predator comes with multiple interchangeable hands that allow for different poses and gestures. He also has open and collapsed shields, making him an even more formidable opponent. All of these details make the figure a must-have for any fan of the Predator franchise.

The Feral Predator figure is packaged in a collector-friendly 5-panel box with a front flap, making it easy to display and store. NECA retailers are expected to start carrying the figure in stock sometime around September, and it is sure to be a popular addition to any collection.

While there is no figure of Amber Midthunder’s character Naru currently available, it is possible that one could be produced in the future if the Feral Predator figure sells well. Naru is an expert tracker and would make a great addition to any Predator collection, but human figures often do not sell as well as the alien creatures themselves. Nonetheless, fans of the franchise can hope that a Naru figure will eventually be released.

Feral Predator From Prey

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