The Floodland, The Climate Change-Themed Survival city-building Game Trailer and Release Date

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Floodland developed by Polish studio Vile Monarch was revealed at Gamescom 2022, and the game is going to be released on November 15.

Polish studio Vile Monarch is a game studio founded by game developers Kacper Kwiatkowski and Grzegorz Mazur who have participated in the production of “This War of Mine”. The cascading catastrophe caused by man-made climate change has led to a dramatic rise in the world’s sea levels, plunging humanity into a new dark age.

The game will begin from the submerged suburbs. Players must lead a little group of nomads to rebuild the community; explore the ruins of the city and gather resources, relearn essential farming and fishing skills, and turn the tents full of travelers on the swamps into a prosperous city. Players will need to overcome challenges by building and upgrading new buildings, redesigning old buildings, and researching “new technologies” (or relearning old ones). However, as settlements become larger and more inhabited, the chance of social issues naturally rises, which means that you may also have to face the same situations as in the old world. And how to handle your tribe will be the key.

“The idea for Floodlands came to us when we were discussing unexplored issues in the game world, such as a ‘serious and real post-apocalyptic world’. Other media examples are The Road, Children of Men Even The Walking Dead; The Last of Us is the closest thing in the game world,” Kacper said.

“Using game stories to discuss the challenges of today’s world is particularly timely and important to me,” he added.

“We strongly believe that important topics can be talked about in the gaming world. Games are interactive and have an advantage over other mediums and are not limited to bringing out a single message.” Kacper pointed out, “The goal of “The Floodland” is not to preach, but It’s about making players think about choices, consequences, and responsibility from multiple perspectives.”

“Flooded Lands” will be out on Steam and GOG on November 15 this year.

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