THE FOREST Is Coming To The PS4 In November

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Developer Endnight Games announce yesterday the official release date for The Forest, an open-world survival video game that was originally released to the PC last April.

The Forest puts players in the shoes of a father on a mission to look for his lost son after both survived a plane crash. The game will feature a non-linear story allowing players to explore the game’s environment at their own pace.

Players will be given complete autonomy as the game won’t include hints or objectives allowing players to strategize their survival on their own. Moreover, the game’s environment will be highly interactive as gamers will be able to chop down trees, hunt for food, and craft items to ensure their survival. A building system is also in place for players to put up shelters such as tree houses and whatnot.

Endnight Games originally planned the game to be a single-player adventure. However, after first feedback from fans, the game will feature a multiplayer co-op mode that allows up to four players to team up and find the lost kid.

The Forest is already available on the Windows PC with the PlayStation 4 version launching on November 6.

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