The Future Of Gaming With 5G Internet

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Regardless of what games you like to play most, all gamers seem to have a common feature: they are particularly interested in what happens in the digital world. Since a large part of video games are available on the internet, you can’t help but getting updates about what’s going new in the field of digital technologies, new internet connection developments, and more.


5G Is Going To Change Your Gaming Experience

We’ve all being hearing news about the coming-soon 5G internet but certain countries seem to be ahead of others in the introduction of 5G throughout their territory. This is actually the case of Arabic Gulf countries like the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. These countries stand out not only in the Middle East region but also in the rest of the world for their large effort in the development and implementation of 5G internet.

We may outline a couple of reasons that should work to explain the gap between these Arabic Gulf countries and the “rest-of-the-world” countries.

  1. Arabic countries invested huge sums of money in 5G technology, not only because of the profit insight but also because Arabic investors are used to handling big numbers when investing.
  2. Many internet users in the Arabic Gulf region are passionate video gamers who access their games mostly from mobile phones. Games like esports, live dealer casinos, sports betting, VR games, live tournaments, and international competitions.

In fact, 5G Online Casinos in Middle East are expected to grow largely thanks to the implementation of 5G technology in the next years. The overall gaming experience is going to change and if you are a gamer, you should take a minute to find out how and why this is expected to happen very soon.


Things That 5G Will Improve For All Internet Users

Both professional gamers and amateur gamers should get ready to welcome the new changes in the way they approach and live the gaming experience. Of course, 5G is expected to change it all for the better.

Don’t wait for the new technology to overwhelm you all of a sudden: just get ahead with these important things that 5G will improve in your current gaming experience:

  1. Better speed
    Speed seems to be never enough when it comes to video or online games. That’s because most games are heavy and they require a lot of your internet connection to get to your device. We think you will be happy to know that 5G is faster than the actual internet connection. If you don’t mind getting a couple of numbers, consider that 5G is 20 times faster than the actual 4G, which means that you can download nearly 10 games while 4G internet allows you to download only half of one. You have everything to gain!
  2. Lower latency
    The latency length of 5G is another aspect that we find very interesting. 5G promises 5 milliseconds of latency instead of the 20 milliseconds of 4G… in other words, it’s the same time a bird takes to beat its wings! You may think it’s not a big difference, but if you play live tournaments and competition games, a lower latency time means that your brain can react and take action in the game a little earlier than your competitors. Would you ask for more?
  3. 5G makes a new gaming reality
    We already know VR gaming. With 5G, VR will become a new gaming reality as a large part of the processing power can live in the cloud. In a nutshell, 6G is expected to make your game experience more realistic, much more than current VR games.
  4. AR will be real with 5G
    Another big aspect concerning the introduction and diffusion of 5G internet among video gamers is that the AR technology will become even more realistic with 5G. Imagine that your favorite games could take you into their world in a fully immersive gaming experience. In fact, playing video games is for many gamers a sort of get away from the real world. 5G seems to promise a highly engaging new approach to video games.
  5. Wider flexibility
    Finally, we think that the wider flexibility level of 5G is a big advantage for all gamers. The new internet will provide you with the same flexibility that you may easily expect from video streaming platforms. In fact, 5G can provide the necessary speed to stream VR and AR content from the cloud.

From what we can see, 5G comes with important potential. It will involve more senses than just vision and hearing – which is what is commonly called the “internet of senses” – thus, the gaming experience will be a completely new, fully engaging, and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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