The Future of In-Car Technology

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The Future of In-Car TechnologyThe Future of In-Car Technology

The auto industry is moving at a fast pace when it comes to innovations that will revolutionize the way we drive. There’s a lot to look forward to in the car world. So what are the future features that get you excited?

In a country like India where we have long sunny days, solar panels that can charge the battery, power the air conditioner and can control many of the features should be standard equipment. Solar panels are also a great way to improve your mileage without sacrificing performance.

It will not be long when a car cabin would look no less than a fighter jet. Bringing in head-up display as standard will let the driver not have to shift your eyes to the control panel below. You can keep your eyes on the road as all the important information will be projected on your windshield.

An internal combustion engine generates a lot of heat energy, most of which goes to waste. While regenerative braking is a great way to save some of that, auto manufacturers should do much better at improving efficiency by using more of that power from the exhaust gases.

The technology of getting rid of camshafts would mean smaller engines with less moving parts, higher power output and lower emissions. A lot of manufacturers are working towards it and it will become reality very soon.

The always-updating consumer electronics industry and the rapid rise of the smart phone have combined to condition consumers to an incredibly rapid pace of development. People expect new devices every couple of years that are faster and more powerful. But are our cars ready to handle the many features of our innumerable devices. Cars are becoming smart phone peripherals. That explains why automakers and app makers are racing to work together to bring the latest mobile services into vehicles to enhance the driving experience.

Whether you like the idea of your car driving you about or not, the fact is driverless cars are here. Self driving cars are not just part of sci-fi movies. Technology has lead to AMTs, CVTs and self-parking cars but the idea of not driving at all seems a far-fetched idea. But there are companies who are working towards self-driving cars.

Our fuels are fast depleting. It is time we look for alternative fuels. It could be the next big thing in the history of automotive engineering.

In the very near future, your dashboard may soon become as versatile as your laptop. In the future, cars may not only entertain us but could improve driver awareness and reduce distractions, and the advent of electric vehicles will forever change how automobiles connect with infrastructure.

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