The GB Interceptor Enables You to Stream Your Favorite Game Boy Titles Using the Original Hardware

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gb interceptor

Streaming retro games are becoming more and more famous among gamers. The trick is that it’s been hard and/or impossible to use original hardware for streaming games. Many streamers use more modern hardware like an Analogue Pocket or emulators. However, for competitive gaming, that’s not always the best as gamers may have created muscle memory for the original hardware. This was the case that Sebastian Staacks found for an online Tetris contest. Fans have practiced on original Game Boys but during the competition, they were presumed to stream their gameplay which meant original hardware was out of the question. So, Staacks developed a solution to this problem.

The GB Interceptor allows you to use your original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance to connect to a computer and stream your favorite Game Boy games. You can read a lot of the details on his official post or watch his video all about it. This is a really cool solution and Staacks does acknowledge that there are some problems with it still that need to be worked out. Also, it’s important to note that while you can use this with a GBC or GBA, you cannot play GBC or GBA games with the GB Interceptor.

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