The Hack-And-Slash Title MIST SLAYER Trailer is Here

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Announcing their debut game, indie developers Moju Games have announced their upcoming hack-and-slash title Mist Slayer. Not only does this game come in a 3D rogue-lite experience, but it will also host online coop play with up to four players. This amazing-looking game takes players to a vibrant, bright world packed with different random power-ups, character-build styles, and foes.

Players will play as a time traveler summoned by the god of the mist world to defeat hostile invaders. Play various characters with distinctive fighting styles to use unique weapons and skills, battle against various kinds of enemies in parallel universes, collect various power-ups and investigate the world. Keep in mind that each run is haphazardly generated with different levels, enemies, collectible power-ups, and items.

While this is all we really know about the game so far, they do have a free playable demo during October’s Steam Next Fest. Mist Slayer doesn’t have a launch window, you can wishlist it early on PC via Steam today.

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