The Hidden City: The Places In Los Santos That GTA Online Players Need To Visit

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The Hidden Mine

The city that never sleeps is remarkably under-explored. Los Santos and its surrounding areas are brimming with secret spots and places of interest that players rarely take advantage of. Make a change and use this guide to rediscover the island, and see some new sights that have remained hidden all this time.


The Diamond Casino & Resort

When this feature was added to GTA Online in July 2019, many players immediately swooped into the new building to explore its games creating a bloodbath at its doors. The valet there has seen some things, and no doubt suffers from extreme PTSD. It didn’t take long for the fickle players of the game to get bored and only visit for their daily free spin of the roulette wheel to try and win that week’s car.

This is a mistake. The casino has lots to offer every player, including a great route to the big bucks if you know how to play a hand of blackjack or poker. With some help from Play Live Casino, you can brush up your card playing skills and then take them into GTA to build yourself a big pot of chips. Play Live has all the games you will find in GTA’s The Diamond Casino & Resort, and lots more too. The chips that you win can be exchanged in the casino for in-game cash, so clever players can generate money much more quickly than they can from completing missions.Grand Theft Auto Online, The Diamond Casino

The Summit Of Mount Chiliad

You may be the top dog, but have you gone to Los Santos’ highest height? Taller than any downtown skyscraper, the top of Mount Chiliad gives you an awesome view across the badlands of Grapeseed and Paleto Bay. It is the perfect spot to chill out if you need a little break as you are unlikely to be discovered by any other players unless they are flying high in a jetplane or on a rocket bike.

It is a great spot for some base jumping, and there is a parachute at the peak in case you don’t already have one equipped. Finding the right spot to take your leap can be tricky, and impacting the side of the mountain is very possible. Make life easy on yourself and dirt bike your way up there. You will find a conveniently placed ramp at the top to help you jump further away and open your chute clear of the rocks. There may be a dirt bike or two at the top waiting for you, but these are random spawns and cannot be counted on.


The Hidden Mine

Far too few players know about this location, and even fewer have dared to venture into the mine. Located just off a winding mountain road near the military base, nestled behind some trees, the mine goes deep into the hillside. It is blocked off by an old wooden door which is why many players walk on by; it doesn’t look like you can open it. Experienced GTA pros know differently though.

Just like many doors in the game, a little bit of explosive power will do the trick. With the help of a grenade, sticky bomb, or RPG, the door can be blasted off and will allow you to venture into the old gold mine of Great Chaparral. It goes further than an easter egg should and has a few points of interest inside. Is there a ghost? Well, there is a dead body with a murder mystery clue attached to it. The mine is fun to explore and should be on your Los Santos bucket list of places to visit. Get the right side mission and you may have to go there anyway.


The Secret Bunker

Many dedicated players will think they have visited all the bunkers in the game, but they may be wrong. This deep underground military base (D.U.M.B.) is not on the main island itself but resides underneath one of the small and innocent-looking islands that surround Los Santos. You will need a boat, submarine, or flying boat to reach this spot and you will have to do a little searching when you get there.

Look for an island with two trees to the west of Mount Chiliad and Paleto Bay, with rocky outcrops surrounding it, and you have probably crashed into it once or twice on a mission. Walk slowly up to each tree and walk around and up to the trunks. One of the trees has a sinkhole beside it and you will be instantly transported to the secret base below. Inside are a number of vehicles, scientists, FIB agents, and weapons. No one will shoot at you though, they do not even seem to know you are there.

The game may have been around for a long time now but it is still revealing its secrets. In September 2023 it will be ten years old, and the sixth installment of the franchise shows no signs of appearing soon. With the help of this guide, you should be able to keep enjoying the game and discovering new places until GTA 6 finally gets released.

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