The Horror MARTHA IS DEAD is Really Horrifying And Not Suitable For All

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Fans of the horror genre have been waiting for this game which will be released on the next-gen consoles. Among the first horror games to come to the new consoles is going to be Martha Is Dead by LKA, the same developers which gave us The Town of Light. Since we first heard about this upcoming game in 2019 from Wired Productions teaser, there has been increasing curiosity on how the gameplay of the game will look like.

This trailer reveals only a few flashes of gameplay, but from what I can tell we will encounter the thoughts of the living twin in a confused and twisted manner. With the few things are shown in the trailer triggering a “memory pull,” so to speak, that puts the player in a new environment, it seems we might be looking at an exploration game where we find several key items that take us through important moments that will lead us through the plot of the game.

I am sure it will come with some amazing jump scares, a creepy environment, and upfront encounters from our dead sister, Martha. There still isn’t an official release date yet, but we might get it in 2021 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. Watch the trailer below, it looks incredible and the game might not be for everyone.


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