The Horrors Wait In The Dark in NIGHT IS COMING Trailer

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The game will mix the city-builder and survival genres together into a flourishing task list of creating, nurture, protect, and survive is Wild Forest Studio. Featuring their game Night Is Coming as part of indie publisher Ravenscourt’s game family during the new Indie Arena, we got a peek of the gameplay and the terrifying creatures that await the night.

This game is set to take place in a gloomy fantasy world that was inspired by Slavic mythology and the mystique of the Carpathian region. On top of the common administration parts in which gamers have to set up a working “society,” players will encounter the approaching dangers of winter and mystical, dangerous night creatures. RPG elements give various preferences and aversions in each settler, making the administration aspect of settlements even more crucial. You will have to assign soldiers, create defensive structures, and use strong magical spells all while trying to keep villagers sane. Create and manage, repair and upgrade, fight and protect, but first and foremost – above all survive!

Night is Coming will release in 2022 on PC via Steam. The strategic building in the game is one thing, but are you ready to try to build up a quant settlement that’s prepared to battle against the terrors of Slavic mythology? The game looks interesting and fresh take on survival city builder, can’t wait to play it, check out the trailer below:

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