The Impact of Using Gadgets on Academic Writing Performance

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As it happens with almost any important issue, using gadgets has both negative and positive impacts. We offer you our vision and a short review of the most recent and fun gadgets related to academic performance.


Positive Impact of Using Gadgets

  • Access to information. You can forget about the long hours spent in libraries. Though students are still doing it, it takes much less time than previously due to gadgets in particular and new technologies in general. You can do research much faster and more efficiently, you don’t even need a PC for it, most smartphones are equipped enough to work with a substantial amount of information at your disposal.


  • Dictionaries and proofreading tools. You can use both just with your smartphone or, of course, PC. You can use a huge range of problems to increase your academic writing performance, minimize mistakes, etc.: dictionaries of any kind, proofreading websites (free and premium), anti-plagiarism checkers (broad and academic), citation generators, advanced google scholar search, etc.


  • Online courses. You can learn how to write better, make better stories, how to proofread the text, and how to make the most prominent formatting for free online. You can basically find any course online for free or with a minor fee. It helps students around the world to grow and get better grades.


  • Academic writing help. When you get stuck dealing with an important paper, you can always hire a professional academic writing service e.g. Smart Writing Service, and have your paper written online within the requested deadline. Of course, it should be a question of emergency only, but it is always good to have a potential way out.


Negative Impact of Using Gadgets

  • Low concentration. Students who used to carry gadgets everywhere and check on them all the time have serious problems with concentration and can’t deal efficiently with their writing assignments because they get distracted all the time.
  • Dependence on technology lowers intelligence. Of course, it is pleasant to know that you can google anything any time and get an answer, but scientists have proved that it causes problems with memory and concentration. People rely on technology more than they rely on their memory and knowledge, and it can shoot back at any moment.


New Gadgets for Academic Writing Performance

Technologies are developing and some of them can be really helpful when it comes to academic performance in general and writing performance, in particular, will help you do just that. Here we have gathered some examples for your inspiration.

  • USB scanning mouse, Brando. In Hong Kong, they invented a mouse that helps to digitize textbooks, documents, and images quickly. Any text or photo instantly appears on the screen. The scanner supports the recognition of 64 languages. After scanning, you can edit the document: make it closer, cut it, set the desired brightness and contrast. Do not forget the social part: documents and textbooks can now be shared on Facebook.


  • Sensordrone. Will help those students writing papers in Chemistry, Biology, etc. Another item that was given to us by Kickstarter. With it, you can create your own chemical laboratory. There are 20 sensors in the device that will help you understand which gas was released during a chemical reaction, choose RGB values, or measure blood pressure if you suddenly feel a failure during the experiment. Due to the fact that the gadget can easily turn into a weather station, it will be useful in the lessons of natural history as well. The company was first launched in 2004 to help R & D of the US Army, but then it was restarted in 2011 for ordinary users and schools. The media called Sensordone the first real tricorder.


  • The Study Ball. It looks like a joke, but it is a rather helpful tool. The Spanish company Veho has come up with a ball that should help students concentrate on their lessons. The handcuff with a ball is fastened to the arm, after which the timer starts. This time is set aside for CS homework writing and other important tasks. The gadget weighs nine and a half kilograms, so getting rid of it is quite difficult. The company recommends a gadget for use by freelancers and entrepreneurs who like to get distracted on Facebook and Twitter while completing a task.

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