The International 10: The Prospects For The Tournament

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The decision to postpone the massive Dota 2 tournament The International 10 was made in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. Hosting such a large tournament was out of the question. Not just the fate of the Dota 2 tournament but the fate of the planet was in danger. But life started getting normal slowly, esports disciplines demonstrated their persistence and the skill to adapt to the new conditions.

A few tournaments were hosted online and there were small talks in autumn that The International 10 will be carried out after all. The competition was scheduled to take place in Sweden. The Scandinavians kept the prevalence of the pandemic pretty low for a long time and seemed to be a land of welfare. In the end, the Swedes had to tighten their drains despite the government trying to do it as smoothly as possible. The opportunities to host the tournament became foggy.


The Chinese once again

The Chinese suddenly became active who controlled the disease in November and were the first ones to return to a normal life. They asked Valve to host The International 10 in Shanghai. The Chinese had strong arguments in their favor. There were a few LAN tournaments in the country and their number surpassed 50 by February 2021.

All competitions were carried out in compliance with safety measures and there were no outbreaks of the disease. It appeared that these arguments were not the most important ones for Valve. The organizing company took its time to answer but then refused the Chinese side. Valve refused to host the second big tournament in the same city. The highest level management stated that it will be waiting for good news from Stockholm.


When and where will The International 10 take place?

The organizers keep insisting that the final tournament will take place in Stockholm in 2021. Valve has enough reasons to be so confident. The thing is that besides the Chinese who have confidently returned to the LAN format the tournaments in the DPC series have already begun. There are no problems with it, all the safety measures are taken.

Despite the situation being complicated in Europe, there are the first positive moments. The vaccination is well underway. New vaccines are in active development. Specialists predict the situation to become way better by summer 2021 and the mass restrictions will be removed. This will make it easier to host the tournament The International 10. Valve has not revealed the exact dates but the goal is August 2021. There is confidence that the company will be able to make this tournament.


The experiment in Singapore

In this perspective, the Major, which will take place in Singapore, attracts special attention. The organizers have already revealed the dates: from March 25 to April 4. It will be hosted by the company PGL. Many specialists have a lot of questions regarding this choice. But the answer was easy. Knowledgeable people know that PGL works closely with Valve in the process of tournament organizing. This company was invited to host the Major in 2020.

That’s why the tournament in Singapore will be a test. Valve will obviously stay behind PGL and follow all the questioning moments. The competition will be hosted in unusual conditions and the companies will need to test the new working format. Probably, the organizers will refuse the complete coverage studio for the tournament. Because it is pretty complicated to bring 25-30 employees and a ton of equipment. The organizers will try other formats, which are not discussed now.

Players will stay in “the bubble”, like hockey and football players. It is also unknown now how limited the attendance of fans will be during matches. At the beginning of February, there are small talks about the arenas being filled for 15-20 percent.

The organizers will pay special attention to dealing with the government structures in Singapore. It will be necessary to set the monitoring of the players’ health state, organize the procedure of their arrival and move within the city.

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