The Last Buyers Guide That You Need To Buy a Sump Pump Battery

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Sump Pump Battery

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy who likes to be prepared beforehand or the guy who is suffering from the clean-up of a basement which is flooded with dirt and mud. You are required to understand that you must prevent the things rather than letting them happen and then wasting the time in curing them.

When there is a power outage, the sump pumps are no less than a useless piece of crap and it will surely require a backup source of power if it wants to work under the outage of power conditions. However, there are a large number of sump pump batteries which are available in the market and not all of them are so good to be used. One needs to choose the one that has a large number of benefits, works well, and is cost-effective as well.

You might already have a battery that came hand in hand with your sump pump. However, if you are in search of a replacement then this article will surely work for you and will help you to choose the best sump pump battery among the slew of variants available in the market.

Sump Pump Battery

Confusing terms you might hear while purchasing a sump pump battery

When you visit a store for the purpose of purchasing the battery then you might come across a large number of terms that you might have never heard before. These terms may be used for describing the properties of the battery. There might be several terms such as “deep-cycle”, “marine” “maintenance-free”, and a lot more. However, when we know that these are used for the purpose of describing a standalone battery, this might be extremely hard to choose the one that fits all of our needs. Therefore, let us together understand the meaning of all these terms so that you can become capable of differentiating between the various types of batteries and can find the one that could be considered as a fit bill for you.

Sump Pump Battery

  1. Deep-cycle 

This is a term that is not necessarily used for the purpose of describing a specific type of battery, but the information of the charging cycle of the battery. And of course, this is an extremely important term that you should focus on if you are in consideration of purchasing a sump pump battery.

As we all know that the batteries of a sump pump are made for the sole purpose of charging it constantly and using it until it gets discharged and then again charging it to its fullest and this keeps repeating it. This repeating process is often referred to as cycling. Moreover, they are built in such a way that the process of cycling does not makes any harm to the battery and maintains its health as usual. However, they might not be able to match the current delivery which is provided by the wet-cell battery, but they can surely produce a greater discharge that will be sufficient for all the purposes that you are looking for. Therefore, the purpose of these characteristics decides the quality of the battery. Hence it is suggested that the battery that you are going to choose should be able to provide a higher rate of being charged and a lower rate of being discharged.

  1. Maintenance-free

This is a tern that is often considered to be misleading and not something on which the people should rely upon. The wet-cell batteries have a different meaning for this term and in their context, what that means is that the batteries that you will be getting are completely packed and are sealed really well. This ensures that the battery is free from any kind of leakage or evaporation that is likely to happen at an instantaneous frame of time. However, this term is still considered as misleading since it is not possible for a battery to be completely resistant from maintenance. The cells will surely be dried out now and then with time. Once this thing happens, the battery will lose its capacity of charging cycle that it used to have before and the rest is all a known fact for you.

How to run a sump pump battery backup check? 

As we discussed above that the so-called maintenance-free batteries also require to be maintained and need to undergo some kind of repairs. In that case, it becomes important to know that if a battery can provide the required amount of work that it claims or promises to provide? Well, this is a thing on which you need to run a manual check and that is what we will help you for today. The simplest and the easy to follow way of checking the backup of the battery is by check if the battery has any kind of sight glass on it or not. This will show you the electrolyte levels for your battery and you will be able to know the capacity of the battery and judge its performance with the help of using a multi-meter for the purpose.

Just make sure that whatever type of battery you own, never ever place it somewhere on the barren ground otherwise you will be unknowingly decreasing the life of the battery because it will be drained as soon as it is placed on the ground. The earth will eat up all the energy and this will surely affect the life of the battery in highly adverse manners. Instead of placing the battery on the ground, what you should do is consider spending some money so that you can purchase a battery case so that you can put it anywhere without the need of worrying about the drainage of it. Also, make sure that you adopt a good habit of cleaning the terminals of the battery in a regular manner so that the battery can never get a chance of getting drained.


So that was all about the sump pump batteries. That’s all we have for you today.


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