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An action game inspired by the likes of Stanley Parable and the Souls series takes us to the satire-packed comedy adventure called The Last Hero of Nostalgaia. Developed by Over The Moon and published by Coatsink, this festival of video game-based nostalgia combines complex systems and dark aesthetics with a vicious tale told by a cynical narrator.

Nostalgaia is the world of video games, and it’s collapsing backwards into a mysterious pixelation. Everything is fading away to nothing: even the memories of our proud, cherished video games are being lost. Now, with our fidelity all but gone, at the very brink of extinction, hope emerges to fight back. As the most hideous pixelated hero to ever spawn in Nostalgaia, you must battle through a military of mindless inhabitants occupying the degenerating world, all while absorbing the insults and putdowns of a narrator who hates your very existence.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia aims to bring us tough but fair combat, engaging narrative mechanics rich in lore, and will even host an online co-op mode. It is set to release on October 19th for PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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