The Last Lords Pack for TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER II Has Been Unveiled

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Creative Assembly, SEGA Europe, and Games Workshop revealed the last Lords Pack that will be released for Total War: Warhammer II called The Silence & The Fury. This new expansion will bring two new legendary lords, Doombull Taurox and Oxyotl with their own individual mechanics, objectives, characters, and units. The latest units are the Beastmen and the Lizardmen ranks like the Jabberslythe, multi-limbed Ghorgon, and the twin-tailed Troglodon.

This is not it, there will be free content available as well. The free content includes a new Legendary Lord for the Dwarfs, a new Hero for the Beastmen, as well as some recruitable brutish mercenaries. More news about this free content will be announced soon. The final bit of news about The Silence & The Fury is that there will be some Old World Updates for Beastmen and Dwarfs.

According to the press release, the update “dramatically overhauls numerous features for both races, meaning their campaigns are more fun, engaging and offer a more lore-authentic experience.”

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