THE LAST OF US Ending Explained Which Was Truly Needed

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MatPat from The Game Theorists gives an explanation of why the ending was actually the best one with facts that I find myself fighting to argue with. Now, does this change everything for me of the first games ending? No, but it explains enough of it that I feel happy with how the game ended. This may be a spoiler 7 years later, but I still don’t feel that Joel should have killed all the fireflies to save Ellie and should have had a conversation with their plans before giving her over in the first place once he got there so he could have protected her then.

This definition that killing Ellie to find a cure would not have only been futile, but the worst choice possible gives a form of justification to both Joel’s actions and the writer’s direction. With this video, I finally have peace for the ending and am even more thrilled to continue my playthrough of the next game.


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