The Last Of Us Remake Is Headed Our Way – With A Steep Price Tag

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Last Of Us Remake

After months of speculations, a PS5 remake of the survival horror game The Last of Us has been announced. Developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony are rebuilding the critically acclaimed title from scratch, making use of the PS5’s specs for a host of enhancements. The original PS3 title was released almost a decade ago, with the PS4 remaster following shortly after, ahead of the sequel The Last of Us Part 2 released in 2020. Now, The Last of Us Part 1 (the remake’s official name) will come to PS5 consoles exclusively on September 2, 2022, with a PC release to follow.

The upcoming title has sparked a huge debate, as people question whether it needs to exist at all. The steep price tag is adding fuel to the fire, as many don’t see why they should spend $70 to revisit a game they already have two versions of – one of which is available for free within certain PS Plus subscriptions.


Enhanced visuals, audio, and haptics for a deeper immersion

Visually, the remake will be a drastic step up from the original title. With the PS5 powerhouse, the game can render native 4K at a targeted 30 FPS or dynamic 4K at 60 FPS. Boasting all the usual next-gen bells and whistles, it will include 3D audio and is set to take advantage of the DualSense controller with improved haptics and trigger effects. The remake will feature fully redone character models, making use of state-of-the-art motion matching technology for significantly enhanced animations. From realistic facial expressions to improved textures and lighting, the game is set to truly come to life on PS5.


Accessibility and features – and omissions

TLOU Part 1 will also include new features, such as a permadeath mode and a speedrun-focused mode. Additions that truly stand out are the 60+ accessibility options, including different difficulty levels and a new audio description mode that will make the game more accessible and inclusive for all players. From what we know so far, it’s unclear how much the gameplay will be changed, and if we’ll see features from the sequel in the remake as well. One disappointing fact we do know is that the Factions multiplayer mode won’t be part of TLOU Part 1. Instead, Naughty Dog is currently working on a multiplayer stand-alone game within the TLOU universe, set to release in 2023.


A steep price tag

All these enhancements and accessibility features are great. The big drawback, however, remains: The remake is priced at $70 – the new default price for next-gen games. It’s true that, for instance, the Demon’s Soul and Final Fantasy 7 remakes both came in at $70 too, however, these titles were much more drastic overhauls of the original titles. Contrary to TLOU, these were also never remastered for PS4, which begs the question of whether TLOU actually needed a remake.

No rest for the undead

One thing is certain: releasing new iterations of popular franchises is a safe bet. And TLOU Part 1 doesn’t just bring back a celebrated game. It also revives the undead and places players in a fresh post-apocalyptic world. With an endless line of zombie games, the undead will probably never rest. Look no further than the Resident Evil series, which started back in 1996 and will get its newest installment this year, Resident Evil Re:Verse. If you want to mow down hordes of zombies with other players, the zombie third-person shooter World War Z should be right up your zombie slayer alley. The undead has even stormed the world of casino games. Classics such as slots are nowadays available online around the world, with experts reviewing and rating the best platforms for players from specific regions, such as Asia. For instance, some of the best-rated online casinos in Kuwait offer a large library of games, among which players will find the Wild Walker online slot or the Zombie Hoard slot, both of which revive the undead on its reels.

Now more zombie hordes will be headed our way, with more realistic rendering than ever. And Naughty Dog isn’t stopping: Besides the TLOU multiplayer game, there’s also an HBO TV series in the works. The remake, therefore, makes sense for the studio, as it will allow anyone new to the franchise to play the original game the way it was intended. If you want to spend $70 for the remake or play the remastered version for free with your PS Plus subscription will be up to you to decide.

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