The Latest News From The International 2022

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What Has Been Happening at The International 2022?

The Dota 2 International 2022 kicked off on the 15th of October and will finally wrap up on the 30th of October. 20 teams have been battling for a $17 million prize pool, and now just a few teams are left. The Dota 2 betting markets have been on fire as a number of top teams have been eliminated. Keep reading to find out the latest news from The International 2022!


What Upsets Have Happened at The International 2022

The International 2022 has been incredibly exciting, thanks in part to the number of surprising results. The reigning world Champion, Team Spirit, had a horrific tournament. The Russian team won just one match during the group stage and then was eliminated in the first stage of the playoffs after being destroyed by Boom Esports.

In other news, Evil Geniuses were on fire during the group stage. The legendary American team had everyone believing they would make it to the finals after going 7-0-2 in the group stage and coming first ahead of PSG.LGD, Team Liquid and OG.

Unbelievably Evil Geniuses lost their first playoff series 0-2 to Thunder Awaken and then their second playoff series 0-2 to beastcoast. And just like that, an early tournament favorite was booted from The International 2022.

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What Teams Will Make it to The Final of The International 2022?

There are currently four Dota 2 teams left in The International 2022 they include Team Aster, Team Liquid, Team Secret, and Tundra Esports. Team Secret and Tundra Esports are in the upper bracket, and whoever wins that best of 3 series will go directly to the final.

In the lower bracket Team, Aster takes on Team Liquid. Whoever wins that series will take on the loser of Team Secret and Tundra Esports. Team Secret has been the strongest team of the tournament so far, and we expect them to blow past Tundra Esports. Puppey has been in fine form and has been using all of his experience to destroy top teams like PSG.LGD and Thunder Awaken.

Things should be much closer in the other matchup. Team Aster should have too much talent on their squad for Team Liquid, but you can never count out Team Liquid. Then we expect Team Aster to take on Tundra Esports. Tundra Esports has already beaten Team Aster in this tournament, but this time we think Team Aster will adapt and beat Tundra Esports. It should be a super exciting matchup and one you definitely don’t want to miss!

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Which Team Will Win The International 2022?

Team Secret is currently the strongest favorite to win The International 2022. The European squad led by Clement “Puppey” Ivanov has been having the tournament of their lives. Other players have described Puppey as a walking rock as he has been nearly impossible to kill.
During the group stage, Team Secret immediately established their dominance and ended up coming second with an impressive 5–3-1 record. They proved too strong for other top teams, including Fnatic, Team Spirit, and Team Aster, who all finished lower than Team Secret.
Then Team Secret took their game to a new level in the playoffs.

They crushed PSG.LGD 2-0 in the opening round, which surprised many fans. Then easily blew past Thunder Awaken 2-0. Now only Tundra Esports stands in their way from a final spot. Team Secret is in amazing form, and they should beat Tundra Esports, but we expect it to come down to the 3rd and final match!

The International 2022 has been an incredibly exciting Dota 2 tournament featuring some of the best matches we have ever seen. It is not over yet! There are still 4 teams battling to book their spot in the final. We expect Team Secret to go all the way and be crowned The International 2022 winners!

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