The Latest Online Video Gaming Trends To Cover The Market In 2021

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The booming online gaming industry is one mutually beneficial ecosystem for the players, entrepreneurs, and gaming developers. It is a giant leap; one that is perfect for the big players, who are always ready to take advantage of multiple opportunities in this sector. Even the startup gaming developers are not lagging.

This online video gaming industry is now offering opportunities to satiate the lucrative appetitive for online gaming. With the growth of smartphones these days, there has been a hike in online gaming even more.

The current state of the online gaming industry:

As per the State of Online gaming 2020, console-less gaming services are currently gaining more importance among the masses. The report states that casual single-player games are always on the rise in terms of popularity. Among the lot, the first-person shooter game is off the charts!

  • Around 38% of the gamers wish to take this field to grow their career, expand their opportunities to become professional Esports players.
  • The interesting revelations of the report confirm that the attraction towards online games and their increased usage is here to stay for a very long time especially among millennials.

The addition of AI:

Artificial intelligence or AI is here to improve its platform for the overall gaming industry. It is currently driving a big evolvement of the said gaming industry in multi-player formats.

  • AI can automatically determine the team chemistry, depending on your choices and making this gaming experience more interactive.
  • For example, you might lose a match, and then suddenly, a fan chant plays to boost the morale of the team. You call this AI reaction.
  • So, the gamers are now paying maximum attention to the details nowadays, which will include how interactive and immersive the game is. Take a Fortnite aim trainer for example and get a detailed understanding covered.
  • Through some real-time customized versions of the gaming scenes, AI can help you enjoy the gaming experience to a whole new level.


For the professional gamers out there:

While most people are out here, playing video games just for fun, some people have adopted it to be their career. Nowadays, the video game is not just one of the fastest-growing fields in the market, but also a popular choice for the talented young minds out there. Right from the game art experts to game animation, professional gamers to game testers, there are multiple career opportunities to influence the present online video gaming industry.

A growing number of a mobile phone these days:

One major trend related to the field of the online gaming industry is to continue the expansion of mobile gaming. Even some recent reports reveal mobile phones will be the main preferred gaming device, followed by gaming consoles and finally tablets. As per the record in 2020, mobile phones have a popularity rate of an extra 13% from what they had in 2019. The increasing use of mobile devices helps to increase potential audience because of its easy accessibility to smartphones. So, more gaming developers are currently creating content and games, which can easily fit the mobile platform.

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