The Latest Trends in Dead by Daylight Game

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Dead by Daylight is a scary but interesting game that pits four survivors against one murderer. The aim is to evade the murderer with all you have and survive by daylight. It features scary paths and jumps and incorporates having characters hanged on meat hooks. The game features different game modes that provide a narrative experience for participants. The modes also have extra experiences in addition to the standard gameplay. There is a lot more to learn about these experiences from EIP Gaming, but you can check out some of the newest gaming trends here.


New Environmental Hazards

Dead by Daylight developers are listening to their fans’ comments and suggestions. They have added new features in their roadmap that allows survivors and killers to interact in multiple ways. For instance, they have included breakable walls that add a new thrill to the killers. The killers now have to decide whether to break through the walls and get the survivors or risk creating a new route for them. In addition to such walls, they also plan to add other hazards like swamps and sinkholes that could slow down both the killers and survivors.


New Yellow Glyph

Dead by Daylight is introducing the new yellow glyph into their gameplay. Using this feature will enable the game to trigger a skill check. When players succeed, they gain access to special features like cosmetic items and others like XP. If the players fail, they get teleported to another area of that map and have to try regaining their path.


Adding More Ways of Communicating

Initially, there were very limited ways of communicating. Survivors could only point forward or wave backward. Using emotes to communicate made it a bit difficult to play the game amid the chaos. Improving the players’ ability to communicate with other survivors makes the game more interesting and interactive. Survivors can alert one another of hazards and killers’ locations to assist them to evade them.


Single Player and Practice Mode

Single-player and practice mode is another good feature that has been added to this game. With this feature, you can assume both killer and survivor characters and engage in private matches with other players. This feature allows you to explore the game’s maps and understand the characters. As a new player, you can take advantage of this feature to learn about the game before getting into the real thing.


Improved Visuals

A sixth update has been added to this game. In this update, survivor models come with improvements where you can alter the characters’ facial appearances and skin texture. These improved graphics are set to enhance the players’ experience and keep the visuals consistent throughout the game.


Additional Hiding Spots

Traditionally, hiding spots in the Dead by Daylight have been the red lockers. These lockers while important to players taking the stealth route are kind of obvious and generic. The developers are now adding more hiding spots like cabinets that will enable perks such as that of Nancy Wheeler to get their proper use. They will also make the game more interesting and adventurers. 


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