The Latest Updates To Fallout 4

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Fallout 4

New Fallout 4 updates for Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One have been released. The update is not as robust as previous updates. Nevertheless, it has interesting content. Besides, the download requires sufficient space on an external hard drive or internal drive. Here is a list of updates according to Gnarly Guides.

Fallout 4

Creation club content

It is a fallout 4 June update that brings plenty of things to the creation club. These creations include the Quake Thunderbolt, neon flats, and Manwell Riffle Set.

Manwell rifle set- it includes the carbine variant versions which are customizable. It features modes with great looks. It gives you the opportunity to unlock great decorations.

Neon flats- the creation has two stylish new apartments. One of them is furnished while the other one is empty. The apartments are all in one building and could be redecorated and rearranged. It also includes workshop items, a pistol, and a new outfit.

Quake Thunderbolt- it is classic lightning that finds its way into Fallout 4. It can be hypercharged to cause more damage to wet adversaries. It is a chain lightning weapon that can easily be obtained via a short quest.

Indeed, the new update is majorly focused on new Creation Content. It does not talk much about the existing content. However, it comes with a few modes that include:

Keynuker – it creates a ring in the inventory whose job is to hide passwords and keys. When installed, it has tons of items that make the MISC tab more manageable. It is one of the mods that one needs to consider if they are tired of sifting through tons of items.

Fallout 4

Gameplay Fixes

It one of the updates aimed at improving stability to enhance performance. It allows players to warp to a different position while aiming. With this fix, vult 81 residents can be dismembered. Also, it allows the big league’s park to display the calculated damage. It also fixed the problem where a third-person camera could not display after exiting a crafting station. Besides, the update fixed the problems where subtitles could not be updated. Also, it makes it easier to remove effects on companions with unequipped items. Other fixes include:

  • Making it difficult for an NPC to get stuck
  • Making it easy to calculate Aquaboy
  • Solving the resist stance issue where the damage could not be lowered correctly
  • Enable availability of characters when renaming items
  • Players can no longer be dismembered when still alive
  • Allows use of robotic experts in the combat
  • You can now switch the point of view without making the screen to blur.
  • It allows the use of stmpaks on curie after transformation.

Fallout 4 ‘Far Harbor’

Quest Fixes

The update came with a few guest fixes. They include:

  • Eliminating the issue where the invulnerable character could get stuck in combats
  • Fixed the problem where players would be sent to a settlement rather than dungeon
  • Eliminates the issue where the caravan could get killed to leave the quest open.
  • Eliminates instances where dogmeat would continue staying at fort hagen even after completing the reunion.

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