The ‘Lebron James’ PlayStation 5 Looks Amazing!

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Lebron James PlayStation 5

Sony has been known for releasing custom consoles throughout the lifespan of the PlayStation 4. These consoles featured new colors and fancy faceplates with a game’s logo or artwork on them. However, the company seems to have lost interest in this idea for the PlayStation 5, with the exception of the new Lebron James-themed console.

What makes this console odd is that it is not tied to a video game, but rather to Lebron James himself, who is not known for his involvement in gaming. The console’s design has also drawn criticism, with many finding it unappealing and comparing it to a stencil found on a kitchen wall or the box art for a set of colored markers for toddlers.

This is just the beginning for PlayStation Playmakers. We look forward to spotlighting more stories from this dynamic and evolving network of talent who are passionate about sharing their love for PlayStation and video games with the world. They represent some of today’s most exciting creators, athletes, actors, artists, gamers, and entertainers. PlayStation Playmakers is part of our journey to inspire gaming fans and prove the power of play.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for the console’s design, it does serve a good cause. The proceeds from the sales of the Lebron James-themed console will go towards funding the I Promise School, a school founded by the NBA megastar’s foundation in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

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The school is aimed at supporting at-risk children by providing them with education, mentorship, and support. James expressed his excitement at being able to design the console cover and controller, which he hopes will inspire everyone who touches it and help bring attention to the students at the I Promise School.

It’s still crazy to think a kid from Akron who grew up playing games is getting to create something like this. Designing a console cover and controller with PlayStation that gives a nod to my I Promise students and where we come from is a pretty cool thing. I hope it’s something that continues to inspire everyone who touches it, and that they have a little fun finding meaning in every detail.

The announcement of this console has also hinted at more releases in the future, with Sony planning to work with creators, athletes, actors, artists, gamers, and entertainers. This initiative, called PlayStation Playmakers, aims to inspire gaming fans and prove the power of play.

The Lebron James-themed PlayStation 5 console is set to be released later this year and will only be available directly from Sony. Despite the mixed reception to the console’s design, it is hoped that the proceeds from the sales will go towards a good cause and help make a difference in the lives of at-risk children.

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