THE LEGEND OF ZELDA – Legendary Edition Box Set

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The Legend of Zelda

VIZ Media released The Legend of Zelda – Legendary Edition Box Set looks awesome and it is a cool gift for any Zelda fan. It comes with the stories of 8 Legend of Zelda games in manga format over 5 volumes in a very fun chest. What’s more, Chest plays the music when you open it. The books are brilliant, the manga is superb, and even the extra poster you get is a cool thing to have. Check out the video below.

You can order one now from multiple outlets which include Amazon and it will cost you an MSRP of $125. This is not too expensive for the stuff you are getting, but it comes out to $25 per volume which is not unreasonable for a hardcover book, and you get an awesome poster and a box to store them in. This would make an outstanding gift for any Legend of Zelda fan.


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