The List of GEFORCE NOW Games After Opt-In Program Starts

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GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service by NVIDIA that has upgraded recently. The new changes were that they developed an opt-in option for developers to add their games rather than just choosing all the games.

This has led to many games leaving the service as developers do not opt-in, or actually opt-out, but now that the opt-in service is officially live, we can see all the games that are for now supported on the service. Some of the games which I’m excited about include Guild Wars 2, Heroes of Might and Magic III: HD Edition, most of the Assassin’s Creed games, Stardew Valley, and Streets of Rage 4.

The great benefit of these cloud gaming services is that you don’t need a super-powerful machine to run the games at super-high settings. You just need a proper internet connection. GeForce Now is currently available on Mac, PC, and Android gadgets.

On GeForce Now any of the non-free games, you will have to own them through a digital platform like Steam or Uplay. This means you don’t have to buy them again if you got them already, but if you don’t, then you still have to buy it.


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