The LORN Gameplay Trailer is Full of Darkness and Full of Terrors

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The greatest fear for a lot of people is to be surrounded by darkness while others can’t handle not knowing where they are. Playing off these two fears is a classic set up for horror games, but it is really the details within the game that make it different and terrifying.

This fusion of feeling lost while covered in darkness is the correct set up from TeamKill Studio in their upcoming horror game Lorn. However, don’t assume this to be an adventure like the many you have had in many older horror games because this time you will be confined in the city beneath the surface, left to die or withstand depending on your actions.

The trailer shows some impressive landscape and horrifying beasties, but I’m sure they are only getting started. Check out the gameplay reveal trailer below.

Lorn is unquestionably looking to be a nightmarish game, full of dark mysterious and deformed monsters. With a plan to launch near the end of 2018, you don’t have to wait for a long time, just be prepared because night is dark and full of terrors.



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