The Loudest Battery Powered Speaker In The World is Here!

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NjordAudio is a Denmark based company which launched a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Valkyrie speaker, According to its developers, it is the loudest battery-powered speaker in the world. Bluetooth speaker is provided with a 24V / 20ah rechargeable battery allowing you to listen to music from 8 to 60 hours of playback depending on the volume you choose.

The new loud mouth is equipped with fast charge technology that allows the battery to be charged from flat to full in just three hours, which is some incredible timing given the playback hours and the loudness of the thing. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about the design, construction and technology included into the world’s loudest battery powered speaker.

It also comes in rugged carry case fitted with four rugged handles and enough protection to help you commute with it easily and safely. Internally the speaker is fitted with a “high-end” Digital Signal Processing/DSP unit which optimises the frequency response to guarantee crystal-clear audio even at the loudest volume, say its developers.

The Valkyrie is now available to back via Kickstarter with ultra early-bird pledges available from £722 or roughly $990 or €820 depending on your location, offering a considerable saving off the expected retail price of $1600. The speaker will start shipping out to backers during May 2018.



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