The Mass Effect Legendary Cache Comes With a Game Case But No Game

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Mass Effect Legendary Cache

These days there are too many fancy collectors editions coming out with the game itself. Nevertheless, there’s a particular evil to Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s collector’s bundle which comes with a fancy metal case but with an actual disk.

Now, we have a release date for the new edition, BioWare has unveiled the Mass Effect Legendary Cache for $150 if you want to spend that much on Mass Effect merchandise. As far as limited editions go, it’s a big—featuring a full-sized light-up N7 helmet to pop on your head, canvas art prints, morality spinners, and an N7 approval letter to show off to your fanboy friends.

But the Cache will come with your standard special-edition steel case, you won’t get a disk copy of the trilogy inside but it comes with all of this:

  • Includes:
    • 1 Mass Effect Legendary Edition Metal Game Case (Game not included)
    • 1 Morality Spinner Pin
    • 1 N7 Acceptance Letter
    • 2 Canvas Art Prints (Including one you can only find here at the BioWare Gear Store)
    • Comes in a full-color custom box featuring the game’s key art

Let’s go through these collectibles one by one.


N7 Helmet

It’s wearable, beautifully-detailed, faithful to the games… and yes, it lights up, too.

The star of this bundle is undoubtedly the life-sized replica of Shepard’s N7 Breather Helmet. Created with the actual 3D model used in-game and under the direct supervision of Mass Effect’s developers, it’s as authentic and believable as it gets.

It features the helmet’s carbon fiber texture and LED lights that illuminate the visor and the accents on the sides and back. And just like in the game, the choice is yours—are you Paragon Blue or Renegade Red?



  • 1:1 scale
  • 16 x 9.5 x 11 inches
  • Wearable replica of the N7 Breather Helmet
  • Detailed design that’s faithful to the games
  • With adjustable straps to keep it in place
  • With LED effects
    • Helmet includes a switch on the inside for choosing between Paragon Blue or Renegade Red
    • Lights illuminate the visor and accents on the sides and back
  • Powered by 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Comes with an instruction manual


N7 Acceptance Letter

“Well. What about Shepard?”

Can you see the opening sequence in your head? Shepard aboard the Normandy. Looking at the Earth through a window. Immerse yourself in Shepard’s story before this scene, with a letter from Captain Anderson welcoming you to the N7 corps.


  • Dimensions: 8 x 11.5 inches


Morality Spinner Pin

Choosing between Paragon and Renegade is easier said than done. You could be torn between what you think is honorable, and what you think somebody deserves. Ultimately, they are two parts of the same Shepard. That’s what this wearable is all about.

Use it to display your moral alignment. Or choose between order and chaos with the flick of a finger.


  • Soft Enamel Spinner Pin
  • Diameter: 1.75-inches
  • Double-sided
    • Paragon (Blue & White)
    • Renegade (Red & Black)


Metal Game Case

The game itself isn’t part of the Mass Effect Legendary Cache. But if you have it, you can display it in this premium metal game case. And even if you don’t, the art on the case still makes it well worth showing off.


  • Metal hard shell
  • 5.25 x 6.7 x 0.5 inches
  • Design
    • Front:Mass Effect Legendary Edition Key Art
    • Spine:Mass Effect Legendary Edition Logo
    • Back: N7 Logo


Canvas Art Prints

If you wish to Relive the Legend, then you must have some very fond memories of it. How about we immortalize and put them on display?

The Mass Effect Legendary Cache includes two canvas art prints. One shows your ship, the SSV Normandy flying above the Earth. And the other – which is only available in this BioWare Gear Store Exclusive Version – features the female Commander Shepard with her Omni-Blade and N7 armor.


  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 16.25 inches (41.27 cm)
    • Height: 8 inches (20 cm)
  • 2 Canvas Art Prints
    • Normandy SR-1
    • FemShep Art Print (BioWare Gear Store Exclusive)

I’m not actually surprised that the bundle doesn’t come with a DVD copy of the collection. Even disk drives are getting obsolete now. But the Legendary Cache doesn’t even come with a download key. It’s also worth noting that the Cache can only be bought on its own. If you want to order a physical game, you have to make a second order for it.

The copywriters behind the new bundle are trying hard to sell an empty tin can to the fans.

“The game itself isn’t part of the Mass Effect Legendary Cache. But if you have it, you can display it in this premium metal game case. And even if you don’t, the art on the case still makes it well worth showing off.”

With game disk or without, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is looking really amazing following this week’s new trailer. The first game is getting a partial remake with improved combat and better Mako controls, with subtler remastering utilized to the rest of the trilogy to bring ’em up to 4K. All three games will also be playable on 21:9 monitors if you are into wider gaming.

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