The May Birthstone – Emerald

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For centuries, emerald green has been the standard for measuring other green gemstones. Emerald is a strong green to a blue-green beryl category, the same mineral category also includes aquamarine and other colors of beryl category.

The difference between emeralds and relatively less expensive green beryl remains controversial among gemologists. Some industry insiders will collectively refer to all the green beryls colored custom friendship necklace with chrome as the May birthstone. However, gemologists, gemological appraisal institutes, and most colored gemstone traders believe that it is not correct to call the green beryl of the “too light” color an emerald. There are even different opinions when defining the concept of “too light”. GIA solved this controversy by using the identification of the compared gemstones to determine whether the green is deep enough and saturated enough to be called emerald best friend rings.

Gemologists favor the May birthstone for their unique inclusions. The emerald from Colombia has a fascinating unique inclusion – called a three-phase inclusion – consisting of tiny rock salt crystals, liquids, and bubbles.


The History and Legend of Emerald

From the Egyptian Pharaoh to the Inca Emperor, the emerald has been deeply attracted to the royal family. Cleopatra loves emeralds and uses it as royal jewels. The legendary Andean crown was built in the colonies of South America, an example of the Spaniards who praised the emerald personalized necklaces. According to legend, the conqueror Francisco Pizarro took the largest emerald from the last Inca Emperor Atahualpa (now known as Atahualpa Emerald). The discovery of the Spanish schooner Nuestra Señora de Atocha (Nuestra Senora De Atocha) is enough to prove its history. Generations of treasure hunters have been intent on finding the spoils that sank to the bottom of the sea.

The word “emerald” comes from the ancient Greek “smaragdos”, meaning green gems personalized name necklace. Roman writer Pliny the Elder (Pliny the Elder, died in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD) describes emeralds in his encyclopedia, Natural History, “Nothing is greener than it” . He also said that the May birthstone has medical features that help the gem cutter: “If you want to relax your eyes, there is nothing better than staring at emeralds. Its gentle and turquoise color custom name necklace can soothe and eliminate their fatigue and spirit.” Scientists have now proved this: green can relieve stress and eye strain.

Emerald name and birthstone necklace is also considered to have magical power. Putting emerald under your tongue can foresee the future. Some people think that the May birthstone protects the wearer from evil spells and cures diseases such as cholera and malaria. Others believe that it can make people become eloquent speakers and expose false promises made by their lovers.


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