The Most Accurate Han Solo Blaster Replica Ever!

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Han Solo Blaster Replica

This near perfect blaster made by Todd Coyle is so scarily accurate that you can’t even imagine. Todd spent almost 2 years researching the exact prop used on set, then acquiring and reproducing the same pieces that were used to create the original. In an interview with io9 he told them:

“We wanted to make the most thorough replica that we could possibly make. If it could be reproduced, we wanted to reproduce it. our interest leans more toward reproducing the actual prop as closely as possible, and less towards ‘enhancements’ like lights, sounds, shooting airsoft pellets, etc. that take it in the direction of an expensive toy.”

The amazing pistol costs around 500 dollars and consists of 77 parts, 59 of which were custom made just for the purpose of making the gun. It comes in two versions. The new version and the battle worn version, both looks brilliant.

Han Solo Blaster Replica Han Solo Blaster Replica Han Solo Blaster Replica Han Solo Blaster Replica


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