The Most Influential Games Of The 21st Century

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The Sims Mobile

Gaming is always evolving with older games getting upgraded and new ones introduced into the industry. Most games introduced in the 21st Century are designed for the benefit of game enthusiasts globally. It does not matter if you have just discovered the world of gaming or have been playing all your life, you will find a game that meets your needs. Although the exact number of new games that have been launched in this century is not known, some have become popular over time. The influence of the span of the game across the world with thousands of players engaging with them regularly.

Major changes in gaming in the 21st Century

The gaming industry has grown to a level of an economic powerhouse within the 21st Century.  The changes that have taken place within gaming have contributed to the rise of the industry, which has benefited both the players and the investors. Some of these key changes that have taken place in gaming in the century are highlighted below.

Advancement in gaming technology

Technology has played a major role in the advancement of the gaming industry in traditional gaming spaces as well as online. It is common to find games that were traditionally played at casinos available online for the benefit of gaming enthusiasts. Most times, the games are the same in look and engagement making it possible for an individual to play and get rewards from the platform. In some cases, technology has made it possible for the number of people playing to increase because the games can be accessed on a computer or hand-held device.

Increase in employment opportunities

As the industry grows, so does the opportunities for employment in the different sectors within the industry. The jobs available within gaming are quite diverse, which allows job seekers to plug into the area that matches their skills. Also, some of the jobs can be done remotely making it possible for freelancers to earn money from the comfort of the homes. Also, the pay for the positions is fair making the industry one of the biggest employers across the world.

Rise in player rewards

In earlier times, gaming was considered a fun activity that could earn you modest rewards depending on your commitment. However, the industry has changed within the century with people winning large amounts of money from a variety of games. It is common to find information such as Winstar casino review highlighting rewards available to players once they win. In most cases, the amount has become much higher than before attracting more players to participate in various games with hopes of earning fat rewards.

 Top 5 games of 21st Century

The number of games that have become popular in the 21st century is many, with a majority of players engaging with them over and over again. A majority are played online making them easily accessible to players worldwide. Some of these influential games are listed below.

Dark Souls Remastered

  1. Dark Souls

The narrative that forms the basis of Dark Souls and its delivery is one of the reasons for its success among players and innovators. The game developers focus on the struggle and the ability of the player to overcome obstacles set up by the main antagonist. Players are guaranteed death and darkness at every turn as they make their way to the bonfire where they experience hope and feel safe. Additionally, stepping away from the usual storyline of power fantasies gave Dark Souls an upper hand when compared to other games launched at the same time.


  1. Half-Life 2

Half-Life took a different approach to action and storytelling which was largely passive when compared to similar games. The unique delivery of the game was quickly noticed by players leading to a growth in its popularity within the shortest time. To add to their success, the creators of Half-Life introduced a second edition in 2004, which was also quickly embraced by gaming enthusiasts. It was an upgrade from the original one in design as well as backstories of characters in the game.

Grand theft auto 3

  1. Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand theft auto 3 revolutionized the open-world game platform leaving many players wanting more of what it offered. Players of the game get to experience an up-close look of Liberty city and the activities that the criminal is up to minute by minute. Every action is elevated and the getaway has a heightened thrill for players that engage with the game. Additionally, exploring the virtual city while making decisions about the lives of people makes the game addictive as players move from one level to another.


  1. Minecraft

Creativity is the basis of Minecraft as a game that allows players to build something from pieces of blocks. The game is available in various versions and can be played on an array of devices. Players are not expected to have expertise in gaming to engage in Minecraft making it a favorite among young people and those looking for a simple yet fun game. The intricacy of the game also makes it addictive and worth playing for a long time. Although a relaunch of the game in 2011 may have made it a bit complex, Minecraft continues to impact gaming positively.

The Sims 4

  1. The Sims

The Sims is a casual and goofy game that was launched in the 2000s and took the gaming industry by storm. It included a sharing platform that was built into the game and simulation that was only available in a few games at that time. Its audience was largely girls and women because it was based on a dollhouse which was managed by the player allowing them to infuse their personality in the game. Unlike the majority of games that focused on rivalries between creatures, the Sims managed to stand out because it highlighted real-life issues and its community-led approach.

Overall, the 21st Century had its fair share of engaging and fun games that are likely to continue being favorites even as others are introduced into the fold. 


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