The Most Popular Gaming Genres In 2022

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Gaming has quickly become one of the most popular hobbies in the new millennium, and recent stats indicate that almost eighty-eight percent of the UK population between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four play computer games or video games at least once a week.

There are several reasons why computer games have become the norm for the younger generation, but the most important is variety.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different genres of computer games out there and each one brings something unique. But what are the genres that gamers keep returning to? Let’s look at the most popular gaming genres in 2022 to find out.



The modern shooter has evolved from the original arcade games, so it is no surprise that this genre is still the most popular among modern gamers.

A shooter refers to a video game that provides you with a virtual gun that you use to mow down your enemy in a variety of environments. As you can imagine, this format provides developers with a lot of choices when designing their shooting adventures.

They can draw from real historical events as they did in the Call of Duty series or place the player on an alien world to save humanity from aliens in games like Halo and Quake.

As such, it is estimated that twenty percent of gamers choose to play shooters in 2022. This exposure also makes it easier for people to find allies and opponents in the online arena. Therefore, shooters take the top spot as the most popular gaming genre.


Role Playing

Coming in second place are role-playing games, and they take up eleven percent of the gaming population. There is a lot of debate surrounding what constitutes an RPG in the modern era; however, any game with a choice-based structure and inventory management can safely be said to fit into this slot.

These games started as text-based adventures on the PC for true gamers, but now they are sprawling 3D adventures that take place in an open, expansive world. What’s more, the open and creative nature of these titles once again makes them perfect for online gamers.



When discussing variety in computer games, you have to mention the sporting genre. There are hundreds of sporting events that you can take part in in the real world, and almost all of them have been converted into this digital format. From football to volleyball, you can bet that there is a computer game based on any sport you can think of. That is why this genre makes up another eleven percent of the gaming market.

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There is one thing that links all these genres together, and that is online gameplay. Therefore, you can see how the ability to play games online has affected the gaming landscape in 2022.

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