The Most Popular Types Of Games In 2020

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FPS 2020

Many people have turned to games in 2020, with everyone spending a lot more time at home and limited as to what they can do and who they can see. Games can be a great use of time during difficult periods like this because they can provide escapism and entertainment, plus in many cases, you can play games online against friends which can bring a sense of normality to life. So, what kind of games have people been playing this year? There are a few types that have proved to be very popular in 2020 and could continue their popularity into next year.


Online FPS

FPS games are always popular as one of the more gripping and engaging genres with many excellent options to consider. FPS games have proved to be even more popular than normal in 2020 due to the online element, which enables groups of friends to play together – in a time where people have been unable to socialize in groups, these online FPS games have provided a way to be social for many.



In a year with so many incredible modern games and even the arrival of new consoles, it is interesting that many people have taken to playing chess either in real life or online. This could perhaps be because the extra time that people have had has given them the chance to learn how to play, as it is a game which many people always want to know but have never learned. Additionally, the popularity of The Queen’s Gambit has boosted the popularity in the last part of the year.



Casino games have also increased in popularity and for good reason, because they can be great fun, engaging and they are easy to pick up and play. Videoslots have been hugely popular in 2020 as they can provide a casino-like experience, there are games with all kinds of different themes and lots of different ways to win. Additionally, you can find video slots to play on your phone which allows you to easily play from anywhere.


Platform Games

2020 has also seen a resurgence for platform games. Many of these have a fun, child-like, and retro feel so it is not a surprise that people have taken to enjoyable games like this in a difficult period. Additionally, there are many fantastic old and new platformers that can provide hours of fun for both new and experienced gamers.


Sports Games

Many gamers are also turning to sports games this year, perhaps because so many sporting leagues have been postponed and canceled. Additionally, as with FPS games, there is an online element that can allow people to socialize with friends (or strangers from around the world).

These are a few of the most popular types of games that people are playing in 2020. Many people have turned to games this year and it is easy to see why, especially when you consider the wide range of game genres to choose from so there is a type for every player and mood.

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